Chicago Psychologist

 Carolbeth Shansky is a Illinois Licensed Psychologist with offices in Chicago  Illinois, offering

 Psychotherapy~ Group Therapy ~ Marriage& Family Counseling
Memory Enhancement 
Career Counseling ~ Business Consultation

A licensed psychologist can help you deal with depression,
anxiety and fears that keep you from getting the most out of your life.

                                           "Intuitive and genuine, I specialize in self-concept, relationship transitions,                                               career decisions, memory problems, mid-life choice and adult ADHD (ADD)." 

151 N Michigan Avenue
Chicago Illinois 60601
312 . 616 . 0006



Common Reasons to Consider Therapy 

Choosing a Therapist

Personal Philosophy & Qualifications

Treatment Modalities & Specialties 

Fees, Health Insurance & Time

Fancy Downtown Office & Links    

How a Psychologist is Different from a Psychiatrist

The "Stigma" of OutsideHelp   

How Psychotherapy Works   

How Long Therapy Takes

Isn't Therapy for Crazy People?

Group Therapy

Cogmed Working Memory Training  

What's Unique About Cogmed?

"Schools" of Psychotherapy

        State of IL License  71-002123                                                                                                                 A Cogmed Qualified Practice


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