Bernalillo County WILLS & TESTAMENTS - Book "G" 1888-1892

SOURCE: Bernalillo County N.M. Records, 1849-1927 Collection No. 1974-034; New Mexico State Records Center and Archives, Santa Fe, New Mexico; Wills & Testaments Book "G" 1888-1892, Box O, Folder A-8, Serial No. 15027.

These are not complete records. This is a list of the name index copied by J. Luna while browsing the original books of wills and testaments in Santa Fe, NM. If you see a name that you believe to be your ancestor, see the original record for complete and accurate details. Some records for the same person appear on multiple pages.

Allen, Joseph C. p. 146

Aragon, Felipe p. 524, 528, 565

Archuleta, Jose Francisco p. 416

Armijo, Carmen p. 233

Armijo, Juana Chavez de p. 79

Armijo, Nicolas F. p. 380, 476, 570, 580 [His wife was Barbara Chaves de Armijo.]

Armijo, Pedro p. 419

Armijo, Rafael p. 126, 188, 442

Armijo, Salvador p. 530

Armijo y Perea, Jose p. 482

Arndh, Aaron p. 351

Ayres, Altagracia Perea de p. 98, 99

Ayres, William p. 119, 138, 339

Baca, Maria Josefa C. de p. 537

Baca, Miguel p. 107, 346

Baca de Lucero, Gertrudis p. 70, 86, 397

Baca y Chavez, Ignacio p. 606

Badaracco, Louis p. 349, 354

Bailey, Harry p. 75, 137

Barela, Pablo p. 457

Barela, Vicente Gallego de p. 11, 139

Barros, Rafael p. 343, 600

Bazan, Ignacia p. 72, 125

Bidleman, Fred p. 354

Bland, Samuel W. p. 170, 196, 206, 321

Bowler, Edgar S. p. 88, 149

Bowman, Mathew B. p. 540, 548

Bradley, M. S. p. 46

Candelaria, Jose p. 504

Carbajal, Cruz p. 201, 204, 287

Casados, Juan Rafael p. 445

Chaves, Carlota Otero de p. 279, 282

Chavez 1ro (primero), Francisco p. 561

Chavez, Geronima p. 534

Chaves, Jesus Maria p. 291, 408

Chavez, Jose Antonio p. 568

Chavez, Juan de p. 512, 526, 557

Contreras, Rosalia Garcia de p. 271, 370

Cummins, Thos J. p. 121, 140

Davis, Wm Cole p. 610

De Lus, Adam L. p. 490, 521

Freelander, Mary Ann p. 248

Evans, Cornelius F. p. 603

Gallegos, Ana Maria p. 497

Gallegos, Elena p. 240 [On May 1, 1731, Elena Gallegos declared that she was married to Santiago de Gurule for 12 years and they had one son named Antonio de Gurule, who is her legitimate heir.]

Garcia, Amado p. 508, 533, 559

Garcia, Ambrosio p. 54, 89, 97, 143, 209 [administration of estate, letters, etc.]

Garcia, Ambrosio p. 384

Garcia, Maria p. 229, 264

Garcia, Placida Lopez de p. 501 [August 5, 1891 - Maria Placida Lopes de Garcia, de la plaza de San Antonio de Padua...husband Teodoro Garcia is still alive; adult sons were Jesus Garcia, Salomon Garcia, Pedro Garcia; adult daughters were Ygnacia Garcia and Emilia Garcia; minors were Sirio Garcia, Antonio Jose Garcia, Trenidad Garcia, and Natividad Garcia.]

Garcia, Tomasa Griego de p. 372, 387, 395

Garcia y Anaya, Manuel p. 35

Garcia y Candelaria, Manuel p. 484, 491, 597

Garlinghouse, Augusta Rebeca p. 436, 452

Gause, Charles S. p. 392, 405, 486

Godoy, de Lucero Francisca Ildefonsa p. 212 to 220 [She declares she was married to Salvador Manuel de la Cruz Duran de Armijo, with whom she had 12 children. Five are deceased and were named Ana Maria Duran de Armijo, Ysabel Duran de Armijo, Miguel Duran de Armijo, Ygnacio Duran de Armijo, and Maria Antonia Duran de Armijo. Of the deceased, only Ana Maria, Ysabel and Maria Antonia were married. Miguel and Ygnacio were single. The seven children that are alive are: Vicente Duran de Armijo, Maria de la Luz Duran de Armijo, Santiago Duran de Armijo, Manuela Duran de Armijo, Jose Duran de Armijo, Pablo Duran de Armijo, and Francisca Duran de Armijo. Francisca is an unmarried maiden of 20 years of age, and she is charged with taking care of Pablo. Francisca Ildefonsa Lucero de Godoy owned land in many places including "el sitio de San Antonio" along with her son Vicente, who had a "morada" (Penitente chapel) there. Will was signed January 23, 1786.]

Gonzales, Ambrosio p. 23

Gonzales, Carlota p. 376, 407

Gonzales, Eulogio p. 536

Gorman, Maria p. 296

Griego, Biterbo p. 244, 299 [In his will he states that he was married but does not specify his wife's name, only to say that she didn't stay around to help him. He mentions his brothers Remiguio Griego, Ysidro Apodaca, and his mother, Francisca Apodaca. The document was dated March 2, 1887. Witnesses were Juan Cristobal Griego and Masimo Griego. In a subsequent document dated November 5, 1889, Francisca Apodaca and Ysidro Apodaca state that Biterbo Griego was married to a Maria Gurule but that they only lived together a short while, and that his wife abandoned him, and they had no children together.]

Gurule, Antonio p. 241 [On April 18, 1771 Antonio Gurule stated that his legitimate wife is Antonia Quintana, and they had 9 children: Tomas Gurule, Manuela Gurule, Luisa Gurule, Fabiana Gurule, Juan Antonio Gurule, Serafin Gurule, Clara Gurule, Francisco Gurule, and Manuelita Gurule. Eight of them are married. He mentions Tadeo Garcia as his son and executor. He also mentions two freed servants of his mother named Rosa and Elena.]

Gutierrez, Maria de los Angeles p. 194

Gutierrez, Ma Juana p. 21, 88, 94, 300

Hagerman, Aaron p. 361

Harrison, Guadalupe p. 259, 307

Hays, Almon F. p. 28, 40, 142, 370

Hazeldine, William C. p. 591

Henry, E. D. p. 38, 110

Herrera, Salvador p. 467, 519 [He was married to Ignacita Chaves for 52 years and had 5 children: Antonio Jose Herrera, Frugencio Herrera, Grabiela Herrera, Juan N. Herrera, and Reina Herrera. He had a house in Rio Puerco. Document dated March 9, 1891.]

Hill, Charley p. 104, 418

Hill, Juana Armijo de p. 348

Hopkins, Wm H. p. 256

Huttenmueller, John p. 411, 421

Jaramillo, Estefana Herrera de p. 331

Jaramillo, Miguel p. 331

Kanzenbach, Wm p. 207, 244, 284, 406

Kelley, John p. 25

Knisley, Josiah p. 5

Leal, Agustin p. 459

Lopez, Federico p. 250, 268, 312, 333 [Declaration of Julianita Ruiz de Lopez dated January 15, 1890. She was wife of Federico Lopez. She states the names of the other petitioners and heirs (their children): Trenida Lopez, wife of Juan Antonio Garcia; Carlos Lopez, husband of Isabel Garcia; Josefa Lopez, the deceased wife of Ricardo Garcia; Balbina Lopez, wife of Roman Sedillo; Lorenza Lopez, wife of Ignacio Perea; Jose Lopez, husband of Candelaria Romero; and Melchior Lopez, Ignacio Lopez, and Maria de Los Angeles Lopez, the last 3 deceased. Josefa Lopez and Ricardo Garcia had: Dionicia Garcia and Marcos Garcia. Dionicia is dead and Marcos lives with the petitioner (his grandmother Julianita) because he is a minor in age. Signed Julianita Ruiz de Lopez on January 15, 1890.]

Lopez, Juan p. 45

Loveland, Joseph H. p. 594

Lucero, Jesusa p. 440

Lucero, Juan Teodoro p. 185, 192

Lucero, Macedonia Montoya de p. 472

Lucero de Godoy, Francisca de Ildfonsa p. 212 to 220 (See "Godoy" above)

Lucero y Garcia, Jesus p. 601

Lucero y Pacheco, Jose p. 293, 334, 371, 390

Macdonald, George F. p. 317

Martin, Maria Benigna p. 67, 78

Martinez, Jose Maria p. 465

Martinez, Leandro p. 555

McGregor, Andrew p. 160

Meskimen, Ira p. 209, 280

Miera, Ignacio p. 578

Montano, Antonio p. 434

Montano, Juana Garcia de p. 366 394

Montano, Lorenzo p. 114, 232, 274

Montano, Miguel p. 517

Montoya, Francisca p. 488

Montoya, Jesus p. 414

Montoya, Juan Maria p. 494

Montoya, Paula p. 236, 266, 306

Montoya, Paula p. 500

Moore, W. Scott p. 3

Moore, Warren H. p. 198, 200, 204, 423

Moran, Gilbert p. 325

Morgan, Celia p. 359

Muenz, Constantia p. 551

Murphy, Antonia R. p. 282

Murphy, James L. p. 150, 179, 188

Otero, Marcelina p. 455

Padia y Chavez, Rumaldo p. 574

Padilla, Nepomusena p. 462

Pena, Mateo p. 452

Perea, Francisco p. 254, 275

Perea, Jesus M. p. 340

Perea, Jose Angel p. 87, 168

Perea, Jose L. 2nd p. 220

Pierce, Georgia p. 165

Porter, Cutler p. 543

Porter, Susan p. 543

Rael, Miguel p. 374

Rausis, Joseph Florentine p. 57, 437

Romero, Relles p. 431

Ronquillo de Murphy, Antonia p. 1

Rutherford, Augustin p. 131, 208

Samora y Montano, Jose p. 576, 598

Sanchez, Isidora p. 224, 464

Sanchez, Monica Montano de p. 155

Sanchez y Martinez, Jose Maria p. 314

Sanches y Padilla, Jose Ma p. 506

Sanchez y Tafoya, Dolores p. 30, 70, 92

Sanchez y Tafolla, Dolores p. 103, 174

Sandoval, Antonio p. 477

Santillanes, Petra p. 253

Santillanes, Polinario p. 447

Savedra, Rosita p. 96

Sedillo, Jesusa Garcia de p. 228

Servantes, Jose p. 336, 439

Shenfield, Conrad p. 58, 288

Silva, Rafael p. 88, 95, 304

Sisneros, Anita Aragon de p. 428, 450,486, 423

Smith, Emilia p. 560

Springer, Henry p. 204

Sykes, George W. p. 13, 129, 154

Talbon, W E. p. 7

Thomas, J. W. p. 211, 220

Trujillo, Ma Virginia M. de p. 210, 222

Ulibarri, Jose p. 549

Valencia, Nicolas p. 134

Vose, Margaret p. 263

Watts, Mattir p. 26

Willey, Henry S. p. 210, 378

Wilson, E. M. p. 424

Wilson, Mary p. 563

Wixson, Frederick B. p. 364

Young, John H. p. 127

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