ANZURES, BARTOLOME JORGE m. Maria Francisca de la Cruz Moya JARAMILLO, JUAN ANTONIO m. Maria Garcia
ARMIJO, MANUEL Identity Unknown LOPEZ, VENTURA m. Ana Maria Gamboa and Maria Lucia Molina
BACA, FRANCISCO Identity Unknown MOLINA, ANTONIO ANASTACIO m. Bernarda de la Lus Vallejo
BACA, JOSEPH ANTONIO m. Juana Maria Susana Carabajal MOLINA, JOSEPH MIGUEL DE m. Maria Francisca Benavides
BUSTOS, DIEGO Identity Unknown MOLINA, PEDRO m. Maria Barbara Vallejo
CANDELARIA, JUAN ANTONIO m. Antonia Manuela Barela * MONTOYA, GREGORIO m. Rosa Fernandes and Josefa Garcia
GALLEGO, JUAN VICTORIANO Identity Unknown MONTOYA, JUAN RAFAEL m. Antonia Garcia and Maria Antonia Apodaca
GARCIA, FLORENCIO Identity Unknown MOYA, BERNARDINO m. Maria Josepha Garcia
GARCIA, FRANCISCO m. Juana Maria Trujillo and Paula Garcia MOYA, JUAN (the younger) Identity Unknown
GARCIA, MANUEL Identity Unknown MOYA, JUAN FRANCISCO (the elder) m. Josepha Lopes
GIRON, NICOLAS m. Maria Molina PACHECO, JUAN RAFAEL Identity Unknown
GONZALES, DIEGO Identity Unknown RAEL DE AGUILAR, USEBIO (father-in-law of Pedro Crisostomo Ulibarri)
GRIEGO, FRANCISCO m. Maria Josepha Salazar RIVERA, JUAN JOSEPH ANTONIO DE m. Maria Antonia Lopes
GUTIERREZ, GREGORIO m. Pascuala de la Candelaria SAAVEDRA, FULGENCIO (alias AZEVEDO) m. Juana Maria Garcia Jurado
GUTIERREZ, JUAN ANTONIO m. Maria Antonia Garcia TORRES, JUAN DE DIOS Identity Unknown
GUTIERREZ, LEONARDO ANTONIO m. Maria Gertrudis Dolores Giron ULIBARRI, JUAN PEDRO CRISOSTOMO m. Francisca Rael de Aguilar
HURTADO, FELICIANO m. Barbara Gonzalez VALLEJO, JOSEPH MIGUEL m. Rosalia Garcia de Noriega
JARAMILLO, CRISTOBAL m. Antonia Andrea Apodaca JOAQUIN (no surname) Indian


* Information on this family is temporarily unavailable until late 2005 and the release of the Albuquerque Founders book.


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