bt. Nov 10, 1744

m. May 3, 1764

d. after 1802

Leonardo Antonio Gutierrez was the Spanish son of Gregorio Gutierrez and Pascuala de la Candelaria and baptized on Nov. 10, 1744 [AB p. 310] by godparents Miguel Candelaria and Marta Perea.

Leonardo Antonio Gutierrez married MARIA GERTRUDIS DOLORES GIRON on May 3, 1764 in Albuquerque. [AM NMG XXI:4 p. 90] Her parents were Nicolas Giron and Maria Molina, who is deceased in her marriage record of 1764. Witnesses were petitioner Antonio Molina and Lusia Molina.

Page 5 of the 1790 Census in household #68 in Albuquerque Plaza No. 1 contains the following information: Leonardo Antonio Gutierres, Spanish, 47 yrs (DOB 1743), weaver, m. Ma Dolores Xiron, Spanish, 45 yrs (DOB 1745); three sons aged 16 (DOB 1774), 14 (DOB 1776), and 7 (DOB 1783); and one nephew, 25, a weaver.

Page 127-8 of the 1802 Census in Albuquerque: Ma Franca Gutierrez, Leonardo Gutierrez. Then on next two lines, the following: Ma Jiron; and Tomasa Gutierrez.

Nicolas Xiron also lived in Carnuel, as his eye-witness testimony during the 1768 investigation of the stolen cattle by Francisco Garcia and Gregorio Montoya indicates. He did not state his relationship to Leonardo Gutierrez, nor Gregorio Gutierrez, but he did state that his age was more than 40 years, which would make his date of birth at least 1728. [SANM II 1767-1779 Reel 10, Frames #405-445, Twitchell #636, LDS 0581468]

Leonardo Gutierrez is not listed as an original petitioner in 1763, although his father Gregorio Gutierrez was. He did sign a petition in April 1771 stating that his family, along with other settlers would not return to the grant after they had fled to Albuquerque following an attack by the Apache. [New Mexico Land Grant Records, Surveyor General, Reel 27, Case 150]


1..... TOMASA GUTIERRES bt. June 26, 1765 [AB p. 320], godparents were Carnue petitioner Fulgencio de Jesus Sabedra and Juana Maria Garcia Jurado. Tomasa Gutierres married JUAN ANTONIO LOPEZ, Spanish, 25 yrs (DOB 1760), the son of Bicente Lopez, primo, and Juana Montes de Oca, Spanish, on Nov. 3, 1785 [AM NMG 24:2 p. 42].

1.....UNKNOWN GUTIERRES SON b. 1774 and another in 1776 (one is probably Jacinto below, and the other is unknown). [1790 Census p. 5]

1..... JACINTO DE JESUS GUTIERRES "of Alameda" bt. Sept. 15, 1775 [AB p. 305]

1..... MARIA DE LOS DOLORES GUTIERRES bt. July 29, 1787 [AB p. 312]

1..... MARIA MANUELA GUTIERRES bt. Feb. 18, 1780 [AB p. 315]

1..... PABLO ANTONIO DE JESUS GUTIERRES bt. June 9, 1782 [AB p. 318]