b. 1738

The identity of Juan Antonio Gutierrez, the petitioner in Carnuel in 1763 has not been determined.

He was not Jose or Juan Victoriano Gutierrez, the son of Gregorio Gutierrez and Pasquala de la Candelaria, and the husband of Luiza Lopez.

He was also not Juan Alejo Gutierrez, the likely father of Gregorio Gutierrez, because he had already died by 1750 leaving his widow Maria Hurtado Naranjo. [1750 Census p. 78]

The only facts known about Juan Antonio Gutierrez is that he was listed as a petitioner in 1763 and in 1768 he testified in the investigation concerning the cattle-thefts by Francisco Garcia and Gregorio Montoya. Within his testimony he did not reveal a relationship with the other Gutierrez' in Carnue at the time, but he stated that he was 30 years old, which would make his date of birth in 1738. [SANM II 1767-1779 Reel 10, Frames #405-445, Twitchell #636, LDS microfilm reel number 0581468]

He was about 18 years younger than Gregorio Gutierrez, and he was born one year before Gregorio Gutierrez married (in 1739), so he probably was not his son. If he was related to Gregorio Gutierrez, he may have been his younger brother as he was born in 1738, although Gregorio's likely father, Juan Alejo Gutierrez, died March 8, 1738. [LDS 0016645 Albuq. Deaths 1727-1854] It may be that he was a cousin or not related all.

Juan Antonio Gutierrez and Maria Antonia Garcia and had the following child:

1..... Juan Miguel de Jesus Gutierrez bt. Feb 18, 1765 Spanish [AB p. 309] by godparents Joseph Antonio Gutierrez and Josepha Alexia.