Diego Gonzales was added to the list of petitioners in the granting documents of 1763.

Identity unknown


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Jan? 9, 1762 - buried Juana Garcia, yndia, mujer que fue de Diego Gonzales, murio sin testar por que no tubo de que y para que conste lo firme – [LDS 0016645 Albuq Deaths 1727-1854]

Aug 20, 1763 - murio Diego Gonzales, vecino de Tome, cassado con Juana Garcia, yndia Apacha. (In margin - 67 anos) [LDS 0016645 Albuq Deaths 1727-1854]

Diego Gonsales and Juana Garcia had the following children:

1.....Christobal Gonsales, Indian, bt. Jan 4, 1744 by godparents Antonio Barela and Juana Gonzales [AB p. 254]

Christobal Gonsales, 23, of Fuenclara, son of Diego Gonsales and Juana Garcia, both deceased, married Martina Garcia, 23, daughter of Cristobal Garcia and Gertrudis Lopez, deceased on June 9, 1766. [DM no. 7, Tome, June 9, 1766 p. 707]

1..... Santiago Gonzales bt. Jan 5, 1749 by godparents Pedro Luzero and Maria Quintana [AB p. 270]

Santiago Gonzales, 19, son of Diego Gonsales and Juana Garcia, both deceased, married Gertrudis Garcia, 14, no parents given, on May 3, 1771. [DM no. 12, Tome, May 3, 1771, p. 708]

1..... Juana Barbara Gonsales bt. Dec 9, 1751 by godparents Pedro and Josepha Jaramillo [AB p. 261]

1..... Antonio Alberto Gonzales, 22, of Fuenclara, son of Diego Gonzales and Juana Garcia, married Agustina Garcia de Noriega, 20, espanola of Fuenclara, daughter of Cristobal Garcia de Noriega and Gertrudis Lopez, deceased, on Oct 10, 1760. [DM no. 12, Tome, Oct 10, 1760, p. 706]

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Diego Gonzales died May 9, 1796 Cochiti [source?]

Diego Gonzales and Ana Maria Hurtado had the following children:

1.....Rafael Bernardo Gonzales, Spanish, bt. Aug 21, 1775 by godparents Juan Joseph Candelaria and Barbara Garcia [AB p. 270]

1.....Maria Ignacia Gonzales b. 1763 [DM no. 36, Albuq. Oct 13, 1781, p. 925]

Maria Ignacia Gonzales, 18 year old daughter of Diego Gonzales and Ana Maria Hurtado married on Dec 3, 1781 in Albuq. to Juan Cristobal Lopes, the 25 year old son of Jose Laureano Lopez and Juana Gertrudes Ulibarri. [AM NMG 24:2 p. 36 and DM no. 36, Albuq. Oct 13, 1781, p. 925] NOTE: Juana Gertrudes Ulibarri was the daughter of Carnue petitioner Juan Crisostomo de Ulibarri.

1.....Diego Antonio Gonzales married on Oct 14, 1795 in Cochiti to Eulalia Montano. [source?]

1.....Maria Andrea Gonzales married on Aug 4, 1789 in Cochiti to Manuel Armijo [source?]

1.....Maria Saragosa Gonzales married on June 24, 1789 in Cochiti to Jose de la Concepcion Armijo [source?]

1.....Juan Manuel Gonzales married on Nov 13, 1797 in Cochiti to Maria Manuela Valencia [source?]

1.....Jose Antonio Gonzales b. ?

NOTE: Victor Gonzales is searching for information on Diego Gonzales and Ana Maria Hurtado. The following are his notes and request. If you have any information that would help him, please send him a message at: VICTOR GONZALES

Diego and Ana Maria were married 7/1/1754 at San Juan de los Caballeros Catholic Church, San Juan Pueblo, New Mexico. In the marriage record Diego's name was listed as "Diego de la Rosa", not Diego Gonzales. I believe that Diego is from the line "Gonzales de la Rosa" but was not using the Gonzales name at that time and that a couple of years later he dropped de la Rosa and started using Gonzales. The record shows that he was from El Puerto de Nuestra Senora de la Solidad" de Rio Ariba. The church, Nuestra Senora de la Solidad, was located at Lavillita, New Mexico, a few miles north of San Juan.

Ana Maria Hurtado, in the marriage record, was listed as being from El Puerto de San Antonio del Embudo. There is a San Antonio Catholic Church in Dixon, New Mexico, therefore, I believe that possibly Dixon was known as Embudo at that time.

I found the baptism record of Maria Manuela de la Luz, 1/10/1756, San Juan de los Caballeros, which show the parents as Diego de la Rosa and Ana Maria Hurtado, and the baptism record of Jose Antonio, 2/28/1758, also San Juan de los Caballeros, which show the parents as Diego Gonzales and Ana Maria Hurtado. Note Diego's name change from de la Rosa to Gonzales. Neither of these records identified the grandparents.

Diego and Ana Maria moved to El Canon de Cochiti, New Mexico in the 1760's or early 1770's. Four of their children, Diego Antonio, Andrea, Maria Saragosa, and Juan Manuel married at the San Buenaventura Catholic Church at Cochiti. None of these records Identified the grandparents.

I would like to find the baptism records of both Diego and Ana Maria as well as to verify that Diego de la Rosa and Diego Gonzales are one in the same person. I also need to identify their parents. Any help will be appreciated.

Victor Gonzales

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Santiago Gonsales and Teresa Lucero had the following:

1.....Juan de Jesus Gonsales bt. Feb 28, 1782 by godparents Pablo Armijo and Maria Josefa Chaves. [AB p. 260]

1.....Felipe Gonzales married Mar 25, 1811 to Maria Felipa Garcia [source?]

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Diego Gonzales de Gamboa, 25 year old native of New Mexico, son of Andres Gonzales, native of Zacatecas and Francisca de Gamboa, married Olaya Sanchez ,13 year old daughter of Pedro Sanchez, deceased, and Maria Lujan, native of New Mexico on April 14, 1720. [DM no. 2, Santa Cruz, April 14, 1720, p. 705]

Diego Gonzales and his wife died by Feb 1765. [DM no. 1, Albuq. Feb 22, 1765, p. 707]

Diego Gonzales de Gamboa and Olaya Sanchez had the following:

1.....Cristobal Cruz Gonzales Gamboa, 45, español, widowed of Ana Armijo, son of Diego Gonzales and Olaya Sanchez, both deceased, married Andrea Rita Garcia Jurado, 17 year old daughter of Antonio Modesto Garcia Jurado, deceased, and Valentina Baca on Feb 22, 1765. [DM no. 1, Albuq. Feb 22, 1765, p. 707]

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Who was this Diego Gonsales?

Jan? 10, 1762 - buried in Tome, Diego Gonsales, yndio de edad de sinquenta y nuebe. [LDS 0016645 Albuq Burials/Deaths 1727-1854]