Baptismal Records of Children Born in Towns East of Albuquerque 1856 to 1889

LDS Reel 0016637 - Baptismal Records of San Felipe de Neri Church in Albuquerque 1850 to 1890

Extracted by Jackie Luna.

All records with references to towns east of Albuquerque only were extracted consistently. Towns include: Cañoncito de Nuanes, Carnuel, Cedro, Chilili, San Antoñio, San Antonito, and Tijeras, or any references to Sierra of Albuquerque. Other areas of Albuquerque may also have been included among the records - usually when the persons listed in the record were related to families of the sierra. Most records were extracted verbatim, however there are some that were summarized. Please refer to the original entries on the microfilm reel to verify the information.

The records have been placed in alphabetical order according to surname:

Anaya to Durango
Elwell to Howe
Jaramillo to Pole
Rael to Zamora