Each of the following persons lived on the Carnué Land Grant in March 3, 1888. They signed power of attorney to Henry Carpenter and Pablo Crespin so that these men could file a lawsuit in the Court of Private Land Claims as plaintiffs on behalf of the heirs of the land grant to receive a patent. Some of the signers below were not actually "heirs" of the land grant, but rather residents or owners of private land in the area. Their names are listed in alphabetical order, and as they appear in the document.

Witnessed by: Francisco Samora, Justice of the Peace
Lupe Analla Pefiano Garcilla Demetrio Lopez
Juan Apodaca Perfecto Garcilla Francisco Lopez
Vicente Arias Ricardo Garcilla Macemiano Lopez
Nicanor Armijo Ros Garcilla (Rosario?) Maria Lopez
Sebero Armijo Sario Garcilla (Rosario?) Miguel Lopez
Jose Baca Salbador Garcilla y Candelaria Jose Lucero
Julio Baca Sabador Garcilla Rael Jose Cleto Lucero
Manuel Baca San Jil Garcilla Juan de Dios Lucero
Migel Baca Teodoro Garcia Juliana Lucero
Roman Baca Vivian Garcia Jose Pol
Andres Cadena Anastacio Gonsales Francisco Rael 3d
Jose Cadena Jesus Gonsales Juan Rael
Abran Candelaria Juan Gonzales Melquiades Ramires
Francisco Candelaria Juan B. Gonsales Francis Ribera
Jesus Candelaria Macimiano Gonsales Margarito Ribera
Macario Candelaria Manuel Gonsales Francisco Sabedra
Rafael Carpenter Manuel Gonzales y Lopez Jose Ylario Sais
Bito Chaves Nabor Gonsales Cayetano Salasar
Dario Chavez Porfirio Gonzales Felipe Salazar
Melquiades Chavez Leandro Jaramio Juan Salazar
Jendes Collgul (Caldwell?) Leon Jaramillo Manuel Salazar
Pifiano Collgul (Caldwell?) Librado Jaramillo Mariano Salasar
Serafin Collgull (Caldwell?) Manuel Jaramio Merejildo Salasar
Donaciano Crespin Pedro Jaramio Polinaria Salasar
Feles Crespin Prajedes Jaramio Jose Ma. Salinas
Jose Crespin Besente Jaramillo Antonia Sanchez
Manuel Crespin Manuel Jimenes Antoñio Maria Sanchez
Marcelino Crespin David Jinso Bartolo Sanchez
Trenidad Crespin Jesus Jinso Canuto Sanches
Juan Garcilla y Rael Juan Jose Jinso Francis Sanchez
Juan Garcilla y Samora Manuel Jinso Jose Sanchez
Juan Antoñio Garcilla Meliton Ginso Juan Sanches
Juaquin Garcilla Chals Kern Maria Antonia Sadaval
Lorenso Garcia John La Perche Guadalupe Sedio
Manuel Garcilla Bartolo Lobato Leonard Skinner
Martin Garcilla Gabriel Lobato Chales Espringer
Melquiades Garcilla Mariano Lobato Brijida Tafoya
Migel Garcilla Santiago Lobato Marcos Torres
Pedro Garcilla Amado Lopez

SOURCE: Lawyers Title Insurance Corp. manuscripts Box 25 - Center for SW Research, Zimmerman Library, UNM


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