February 6, 1763

First Petition for a Land Grant in San Miguel de Laredo Carnué

SANM I, REEL 27, SG 150 Frames 841 to 863 (originals at Frames 667 to 684) - Translation of Spanish Document "A":

(February 6, 1763)

"Don Tomas Velez Cachupin Governor and Captain General of this Kingdom of New Mexico and castellan of his Royal Garrison for His Majesty.

Whereas by Decree of this day, month and year, I have made the grant of lands to the families mentioned in the writing which they present with former reports, and information which appear in the proceedings (which are in the Archives of this Government) which show that the place asked for at Carnué is uncultivated and unoccupied, and there not being any person or persons who have a legitimate right by legal titles to said place, and it being desirable that it should be settled and extension given to the settlements of this Kingdom to relieve its settlers as the barbarous nations which surround it are being pacified and removed in conformity with the royal intention of His Majesty (may God preserve him) in whose royal name and under the conditions of his sovereign laws of these Indies I make them the grant and favor to concede to them in the place of Carnué crown land, uncultivated and unoccupied to the said families mentioned in the said writing who are:

Christobal Jaramillo - Ensign of Militia

Juan Moya, the elder

Bernardino Moya

Juan Moya

Joseph Miguel Molina

Antonio Molina

Gregorio Gutierrez

Juan Jaramillo

Juan Antonio Gutierrez

Juan de Dios Torres

Joseph Miguel Vallejo

Juan Crisostomo Ulibarri

Rafael Pacheco

Feliciano Hurtado

Francisco Griego

Manuel Armijo

Joseph Antonio Baca

Juan Antonio Candelaria and

Ventura Lopez

Who are named and assembled to make this new settlement in the report made by the Alcalde Antonio Baca in the foregoing proceedings all married and with families, excepting Joseph Antonio Baca, who should in order that he may participate in this grant, marry for the increase and concord of this settlement, and in case he should not wish to do so it shall be void and another family be put in his place if they should want to settle. Don Antonio Baca the Chief Alcalde giving the name of said family in this instrument; and in that which concerns Manuel Armijo, the elder, mentioned with the said number, it must be with the condition that he shall give up the tract which he has abandoned in the valley of Taos in order that it may be given as a grant to some other of the King's vassals who may want to settle on it, and in case he does not do it, he shall not be included in this new grant and settlement, and another family shall be put in his place if there should be one. Also making note of the same at the end of this title as well as of the renouncement of title which the said Armijo may make; it being understood that the grant to these new settlers is only of agricultural lands which are half a fanega of corn and three of wheat, and the house lot which shall be fifty varas long and fifty varas wide in order that they may have their corrals for large and small stock enclosed so that the enemy may not steal them. And in respect to the matter that in the said place of Carnué there is room for more families according to the report of the Chief Alcalde, Don Antonio Baca, the land to be partitioned among them if they assemble at the said settlement on the said terms they should do this in union with its town and buildings of adobe according to the possibilities and style of the country for their greater security, strength and maintenance in view of the incursions which the barbarous hostile nations are in the habit of making; and I order and direct the Chief Alcalde of the jurisdiction of Albuquerque, Don Antonio Baca, to give them and place them in royal possession of this grant according to its terms, leaving the pasture lands in common, and marking off and surveying the land most suitable and fit for the settlement and the building of the houses, and he will give them all that which has been prescribed having been done, a certified copy of this title and grant returning the original to the archives of this government in order that it may be adjoined to the decrees relating to this matter.

In testimony whereof I give the present signed by my hand and by two attending witnesses in the absence of a Notary in this town of Santa Fe, on the sixth of February in the year one thousand seven hundred and sixty three.

Tomas Velez Cachupin [Rubric]


Manuel Antonio Lorenz [Rubric]


Mateo de Penaredonda [Rubric]

(The following six names are written in a different ink and handwriting from the above.)

Diego Gonzales

Francisco Baca

Ulgencio Sabredra

Leonardo Gutierrez

Nicolas Giron

Florencio Garcia

Title of Grant to the residents new settlers of the new settlement of San Miguel de Laredo, alias Carnué.

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SOURCE: Spanish Archives of New Mexico I, Microfilm reel 27, Surveyor General #150, "Cañon de Carnuel Land Grant" Fr. 841 to 863.



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