January 6, 1819 to February 10, 1819:

Juan Ignacio Tafoya Petition for Land Grant in Carnue

SANM I, REEL 27, SG 150 Frames 864 to 886 - Translation of Spanish Document "B":

"Number 38, 9 leaves.

Senor Governor:

I, Juan Ignacio Tafoya, together with twenty-six men, all residents of this town of Albuquerque appear with the greatest humility before your Lordship, asking that I may have the benefit of all the privileges allowed by law and which may be favorable to us, and I state: that that [sic] which runs from the Canon de Carnué to what is newly settled being royal domain and we being in need of agricultural land for our support; and our petition not being to the prejudice of any one, we humbly beg that your Lordship will be pleased to give us possession in the name of His Majesty (whom may God preserve) from what is called the Cuestecita, as far as what is called San Antonito, with permission to build houses for our accomodation, which we hope to enjoy through the well known benevolence which adorns your Lordship in favor of the unfortunate. We all, Sir, obligate ourselves to give for two years to our Sovereign, the third part of the results of our tillage.

With the greatest respect the list containing the names of the petitioners accompanies this.

To your Lordship we repeat our request in the granting of which we shall receive grace and favor, and I swear that I act in good faith and as necessary.

Juan Ignacio Tafoya [Rubric]

* * * * * * * * * *

January 6, 1819,

Let the Alcalde of the jurisdiction to which it belongs report with all minuteness.

Melgares [Rubric]

* * * * * * * * * *

Senor Governor:

You ask me for a report on the petition of Juan Ignacio Tafoya and those with him. The place which they ask for in order to settle thereon appears as having been partitioned according to the expediente which on the 17th I sent to you; with this one there are three petitions, of these and the other petitioners many of these have lands of their own and by inheritance by grant and inheritances. You will be pleased to decide that which you may deem of your superior pleasure.

Albuquerque, January 29, 1819

Josef Mariano de la Pena [Rubric]

* * * * * * * * * *

Santa Fe, February 3, 1819

The Alcalde of Albuquerque will note by name, and in continuation the persons who have no lands of their own for their support, of those of the adjoined list which has a decree of mine at the end, in order that this government may with intelligence act with justice.

Melgares [Rubric]

* * * * * * * * * *

Senor Governor,

In compliance with your superior decree dated the 3rd of the present month and that I should form a list of the names of the petitioners who have no lands. The two principal representatives Don Juan Bautista Duran and Cristobal Gulure embraced in the three petitions, the examination having been made by me through the commissioned justices of the towns to which they belong, including the first with the second and with the last; those who have no land and who ask for the possession are the following:

Don Juan Bautista Duran

Tomas Garcia

Encarnacion Zamora

Antonio Sandoval

Asencio Moya

Rafael Martin

Dolores Baca

Jose Lauriano Lopez

Mariano Lucero

Juan Lucero

Joaquin Zedillo

Santiago Gutierrez

Juan Luis Garcia

Jose Griego

Juan Domingo Gonzales

Juan Cristobal Gonzales

Jose Julian Chaves Otero

Ignacio Perea

Rafael Gutierrez

Jose Duran

Antonio Lopez

Juan Antonio Gallego

Julian Parraleno Martin

Ignacio Perea

Juan Cristobal Gulure

Juan Rael

Juan Antonio Gulure

Lorenzo Gulure

Juan Cristobal Gulure

Manuel Lopez

Jose Manuel Gonzales

Antonio Torres

Juan Miguel Gonzales

Geronimo Pacheco

Juan Manuel Martinez

The lands which they ask for is from the Canon de Carnué as far as the old ruins of the pueblo which is called San Antonio, in which not exceeding the number of petitioners, reduced to a short extent, it does not appear to me that there is any objection to conceding it to them, making two towns, at the most convenient points; or it will be as your superiority may deem best.

Albuquerque, February 5, 1819

Josef Mariano de la Pena [Rubric]

* * * * * * * * * *

Santa Fe, February 10, 1819

Forward to the Assessor's office to the Senor Curate Don Francisco Ignacio Maduriaga.

Melgares [Rubric]

* * * * * * * * * *

Senor Governor:

Having acquainted myself with what I can understand in the foregoing petition and the reports of the Alcalde Don Mariano de la Pena, it appears to me that in justice, the persons included in the list made by the said Alcalde, who have no land, have a right to the lands they ask for, which should be given to them in proportion to what they may need and they should settle upon them within the period fixed by law.


3 dollars

Santa Fe, February 10, 1819


Francisco Ignacio de Madariaga [Rubric]

* * * * * * * * * *

SOURCE: Spanish Archives of New Mexico I, Microfilm reel 27, Surveyor General #150, "Cañon de Carnuel Land Grant" Fr. 864 to 885.



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