November 1, 1818 to November 4, 1818:

Juan Duran Petition for Land Grant in Carnue

SANM I, REEL 27, SG 150 Frames 864 to 886 - Translation of Spanish Document "B":

"Senor Governor and Captain General,

Don Facundo Melgares,

I, Juan Duran, a resident of this town of Albuquerque, together with the persons who are named in the list with which the greatest respect I herewith transmit, appear before the benevolence of your Lordship with the greatest humility asking that we may have the benefit of all the privileges allowed by the law and which may be favorable to us, and I state, Sir, that the fertility of the Carnué tract, and the suitability of its lands for improvement being patent, we are very desirous of settling it for which reason we beg your Lordship, in the name of His Majesty (whom may God preserve) to be pleased to grant us possession of the said tract, we binding ourselves to give Our Sovereign, for two years, the third part of all our crops, which possession we ask that we and our children may enjoy it.

To your Lordship we repeat our petition to the end that your Lordship may do with it that which may be your superior pleasure, and that which you may deem fit; in which we shall receive grace and favor, and we swear that we act in good faith and as necessary.

Juan Duran [Rubric]

List that comprises the persons

settlers of Carnué,

Don Juan Duran

Teodoro Duran

Jose Lauriano Lopez

Manuel Lopez

Antonio Sandoval

Mariano Lucero

Encarnacion Zamora

Juan Lucero

Asencio Moya

Rafael Martinez

Dolores Baca

Rafael Carvajal

Juan Luis Garcia

Jose Santos Telles

Tomas Garcia

Juan Chavez

Joaquin Zedillo

Jose Chavez

Jose Pacheco

Juan Manuel Chimayo

Albuquerque, November 1, 1818.

Juan Duran [Rubric]

* * * * * * * * * *

Bernalillo, November 3, 1818,

Forward to Don Pedro Pino who in my name, and with my authority will proceed to decide what is proper.

Melgares [Rubric]

* * * * * * * * * *

Bernalillo, November 3, 1818,

The Senor Alcalde of Albuquerque will please inform me of his opinion concerning the petition of the petitioners in order to decide the matter in accordance with justice.

Pedro Bautista Pino [Rubric]

* * * * * * * * * *

Senor Don Pedro Bautista Pino,

The petition of Don Juan Duran with the other residents whom he mentions to settle in Carnué is not prejudicial and it may be beneficial to the same jurisdiction as it was formerly, as has been held by some of those of the time before the abandonment on account of being attacked by the Gilas with which nation we are now at peace.

And there resulting no prejudice to any third party, and they doing as they offer to do, you will please to decide that which may be your pleasure.

Albuquerque, November 4, 1818

Josef Mariano de la Pena [Rubric]"

* * * * * * * * * *

SOURCE: Spanish Archives of New Mexico I, Microfilm reel 27, Surveyor General #150, "Cañon de Carnuel Land Grant" Fr. 864 to 885.


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