Surveyor General Proceedings:

Affidavits of Jose Armijo y Ortiz and Manuel Crespin - May 5, 1886

"Territory of New Mexico }

County of Bernalillo } S.S.

On this 4th day of May AD 1886 before me the undersigned Clerk of the District Court within and for the County and Territory aforesaid and for the 2nd Judicial District in said Territory of New Mexico personally appeared Jose Armijo de Ortiz and Manuel Crispin - both residents of Bernalillo County Territory of New Mexico who having been by me first duly sworn depose and say each for himself and not one for the other,

I am well acquainted with the tract of land known as the Cañon de Carnué grant and have known it for forty six years or more.

The same is sometimes called the Cañada del Nuanes, and the little town or plaza of Tijera is situated within the boundaries of the Carnué grant, in Bernalillo County New Mexico. Julian Otero was one of the grantees in the grant known as the Carnué tract or grant, he had a son named Santos Otero who owned and sold to Henry Carpenter an interest or interest in the Carnué grant, I personally knew both Julian Otero and his son Santos Otero, and I knew the former as one of the grantees in said Carnué grant.

The Henry Carpenter to whom Santos Otero sold an interest in said Carnué grant is one of the petitioners for the approval of said grant, and the interest on said grant conveyed by Santos Otero to him was inherited by him from his father. I, Jose Armijo de Ortiz being seventy five years old and I, Manuel Crispin being forty six years old and was born on said grant and raised there, I have no interest in said Carnué grant, I have known Henry Carpenter thirty three years during which time he has lived on this Carnué grant.

Jose Armijo y Ortiz (signature)

Manuel Crespin X his mark


H.M. Atkinson (signature)

W. H. Henshaw (signature)

Subscribed in my presence and sworn to before me this 4th day of May AD 1886.

Louis Miller (signature)


SOURCE: Spanish Archives of New Mexico I, Microfilm reel 27, Surveyor General #150, "Cañon de Carnuel Land Grant" Fr.828 to 831.


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