February 12, 1763

Act of Possession - Land Grant in San Miguel de Laredo Carnué

SANM I, REEL 27, SG 150 Frames 841 to 863 (originals at Frames 667 to 684) - Translation of Spanish Document "A":

(February 12, 1763)


At the place of Senor San Miguel de Laredo on the twelfth day of February of the year one thousand seven hundred and sixty-three, I, Antonio Baca, Chief Alcalde and War Captain of the town of San Felipe de Albuquerque, its districts and jurisdiction in virtue of the title of grant (which is the title of this instrument of Posesion) given by Senor Don Tomas Velez Cachupin, Governor and Captain General of this Kingdom of New Mexico, for His Majesty, I proceeded to the said place with assisting and instrumental witnesses; [two lines ruled out] are settlers: all being assembled (those mentioned in the above order) I took them by the hand, and one for all, I walked them over their lands where they shouted, pulled up herbs, threw stones, and acquired royal and personal possession, shouting "Long live our King, Don Carlos III, long may he live, long may he live," and this proceeding being finished, I went to mark off the form of the settlement which was done on the land which was most convenient for them in the form of a square, giving to each one that which he could easily cultivate according to his individual ability, to the one who could do least thirty Castillian varas square, and to the one who could do more it was left to his decision and this having been done I informed the settlers of the name and devotion of the said settlement which is San Miguel de Laredo, commonly called Carnué, whom they promised to take for patron; and this having been done I went to measure the agricultural land being governed by what is set forth in the order concerning three fanegas of wheat land and one-half of the same of corn [land] and marking off for each one lands for gardens with the object that each one should know that which was his, with the corresponding landmarks; designating for permanent boundaries for the whole tract, one league for each cardinal point from the center of the settlement, which is on the East an old Pueblo toward the center of the mountain, on the North near the Canada del Oso, on the West where the league ends toward the plain, and on the South in the direction of the Agua del Coyote; which boundaries were examined by all the settlers who were directed to set up permanent landmarks [three and a half lines ruled out] and that they may enjoy it in common for themselves and in particular without exception of persons, for the preservation of peace which they ought to have; [one line, and a half ruled out] and that it be held as sufficient for the other families who may come in to make up the number of twenty-five, this being the Governor's will and there being not more than nineteen set down in the decree of said gentleman and in the petition; Joseph Antonio Baca, being a bachelor was not put in possession although he was urged to marry; and in the same way following the tenor of the above act Manuel de Armijo, a petitioner for the grant was notified that in case he desired to be put in possession at the said place of Laredo he must give up the possession and right which he has in the valley of Taos, for another in his place, which he would not do; and for this reason he was not put in possession; I leaving agricultural lands marked off, and house lot for him who might come in his place, and the rest as I have said; and being made a part of the proceedings as in the order it is set forth, in order that it may be patent for all time. I sign it with my hand, and I made this instrument of [two words ruled out] possession with attending witnesses in the absence of a royal or public notary of which there is none in this kingdom, the instrumental witnesses being Sergeant Francisco Perea and Joseph de Apodaca who were present at what was done at the said possession dated on the said day, month and year, ut. supra.

Antonio Baca [Rubric]


Juan Domingo Baca [Rubric]


Isidro Sanchez [Rubric]

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Town of Santa Fe, February 20, 1763

Having examined these proceedings of possession had by the Chief Alcalde of the jurisdiction of Albuquerque, Antonio Baca in accordance with the commission conferred upon him in the matter of the title of grant of lands granted to the new settlers of the tract of Carnué and San Miguel de Laredo, I said that I approved and did approve the designation of the boundaries of one league for each cardinal point with regard to the pasture and wood lands, as a restriction of those which they asked for in their petition considering them excessive and prejudicial to other settlements which in the future might be made particularly to the east and behind the mountain which runs as far as Sandia, and which were settlements of old destroyed missions; and in reference to the agricultural lands, if on account of increase in numbers the said settlement of San Miguel de Laredo should need more, there may be added another half league more going West along the Cañada on account of its being narrow and there being no other irrigable lands fit for cultivation, with the understanding that the pastures, woods and waters embraced within the limits of the boundaries designated of one league for each cardinal point, must be common and public to all the settlers of the said new settlement of San Miguel de Laredo (alias Carnué) for their enjoyment; and in obedience to this my decree the certified copy of this title of grant and possession which the said Alcalde gave shall be taken back and a new one shall be made with insertion of this decree, which shall be put in the proceedings and the original shall be delivered to the said new settlers, erasing some of the clauses contained in the proceedings of possession of the said Alcalde, as useless, and which it is not within his authority to insert and he shall be warned that in the future he shall not exceed his powers as it is understood he also did in restricting the grant of the varas of the house lot which was given to each family, leaving in their vigor and force the fifty varas of frontage and square. And by this thus I approved, ordered and signed it, I, Don Tomas Velez Cachupin, Governor and Captain General of this kingdom of New Mexico, with two attending witnesses, in the absence of notaries of which there is none in this government.

Tomas Velez Cachupin [Rubric]


Carlos Fernandez [Rubric]


Domingo Labadia [Rubric]


Royal Possession in favor of the new settlers which was given as a Grant to the residents of San Miguel de Laredo, Year of 1763.

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SOURCE: Spanish Archives of New Mexico I, Microfilm reel 27, Surveyor General #150, "Cañon de Carnuel Land Grant" Fr. 841 to 863.



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