Village of Carnúel

New Mexico

History and Genealogy of the Towns East of Albuquerque

Carnuel - Tijeras - San Antoñio - San Antonito - Sedillo - Zamora - Primera Agua - Cañoncito de los Nuanes -

Chilili - Cedro - Escobosa - Juan Tomas - Yrissari - Cañon de Los Gallegos - Cañon de Los Gutierrez

The website is dedicated to the petitioner/grantees of the Canon de Carnue Land Grants of 1763 and 1819, and their heirs.  The purpose of this website is to document the history of the land grant and to provide genealogical information to assist heirs in discovering their family history, their heritage, and ultimately, themselves.  There are several residents of the Sierra east of Albuquerque that, while not grant heirs,  have roots that run deep in the area.  This site is also to help them discover their ancestors and share in our common history.

This site developed from a desire to discover my own family history, but sort of snowballed out of control as I begin to find more information about cousins and extended family members instead of my just my immediate family.  Since all of the records displayed on this site were researched and compiled by only one person, myself, there are bound to be several errors.  I do provide the original sources - please check the records for accuracy.

I have not uploaded new files this site in a few years, and I want to apologize for the delay.  I do have some additional files to add to the Death Records section, which I hope to upload by the end of this year.  It may be a long while before I am able to dedicate myself to genealogical research again, however, because I need to wait for my small child to grow up.

Enjoy the website.






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