By Carlos Cardona

For Joy Zinoman
Actress, Director, Acting Teacher


You from a lightning flash, caky eyelash!
You at cold mountaineering Han-Shan's bash,
Roared with the Great Cats, and breathed of their ash,
Sung out their vic'tries, got paid for it, cash!

Your glance melts the freeze this pain needs to last,
A pain born of memory, this myth-life that passed,
When each last remembrance seemed better, less sad,
And hounding desire begged "dreams for the mad."

So dance out our sadness, and sing out our joys,
Wind out this old badness, bring back all our toys,
Such faith is true gladness, breeds care that employs
Our best 'gainst Fear's madness: Love's seed, Fate deploys.

You lead us to wisdom, your love says of "skill",
"Though urns can hold water, just 'wet' won't stand still!"