Dancing the Blues

By Carlos Cardona


It was a dancing thing,
A convening of bodies in motion,
Of minds that are silent and hearts that are filled,
Of music,
Wonderful music expressed in movement,
Raucous and loud, then tender and gentle,
Music from the heart and gut,
Dancing the Blues at North River Bar,
That improv lovingly called "West Coast Swing.".

The music, the dancing, the smoke! Yeechh!
Too much for a mere mortal to survive without You,
But then I see You, standing by the bar,
Beer in hand, support friend by your side,
Fearing rejection by better dancers,
That scourge of the beginner.

I watched you from the dance,
And dared to sing "A Love Supreme",
Not long after I drank you in,
You smiled and said, "okay".

We danced and talked, smiled and traded numbers,
Spoke of broken love and bad mistakes,
Made some plans and took a chance,
It was every desire of a new love encounter,
When I saw you again alone, I knew my pain could melt.

Driving away my blues with your touch, your smile,
Your lips, your warmth, your voice, your eyes,
Your hands, your hair, your heart,
Your passion, your kindness, your wisdom,
And you can dance too?