Ulysses Does Xmas

By Carlos Cardona


When first we met, first glance of sweetness,
Behind the high, dance studio desk,
Not a dim vision for me, well lit I remember it,
The desk, the phone, the schedule, and You!

I wasn't classing then, with exceptions,
That rare and brilliant teacher/dancer so new,
So different that attention and money must be paid,
Their "competition steps" scanned,
Their "privates" attended,
There was a star now, and I was around again,
Around to be schooled again,
It was okay, I didn't mind,
She was the sexy World Champion.

I had been around before, three years on the team,
One year we were the Champions too,
Only American Champions, but it was ours,
I had DJ'ed, and hosted them on my web,
I guess I was finally a part of the family,
Someone you'd invite to Xmas.

So I went, one warm Sunday in December,
To eat, to drink, to dance, to gossip,
To forget about a broken non-relationship,
That daymare that refused to end,
I had even brought a date, what a mistake!

For who could see anyone else when you arrived?
Who could dance with anyone else when you were dancing?
Raven-haired Venus, patient Penelope,
"Little of both" Dark Lady of my soul,
When we danced you stared at me,
Your gaze driving deep inside me,
What were you looking for, what did you see?
You didn't have to look that hard, just listen,
It seemed to me that everyone could hear it,
My heart was going like mad:
"And yes I said yes I will yes, yes, yes."