True Love Will Await
(Country Girl Blues)

By Carlos Cardona


Been workin' at Tramps just to make my ends meet,
Tryin' to make sense of this life and of me,
Lookin' for one man with love in his heart,
Who makes me feel wanted, who likes that I'm smart.

Came to New York with my bass and my dreams,
But "workin' musician's" as tough as my jeans,
Dug a deep hole with my credit card spade,
Lost all my cards now I'm a waitress today.

A big city blues band was playing one night,
The word had gone out that the dancin' was right,
The dancers were lined up, the swingin' begun,
They call it the West Coast, I call it just fun.


One of the dancers kept catching my eye,
His rhythm and smile made my heart liquefy,
We started a-talkin', comparin' our lives,
We traded home numbers, hoped love had arrived.


He came to my first gig, and smiled as I sang,
These old country love songs, rememberin' my twang,
And when it was over he said I was great,
My heart said go slowly, true love will await.