Saw You Coming

By Carlos Cardona


Saw you coming in I did,
Yes I did, I saw you coming in.
"Is this you," I heard,
Heard inside my mind;
Just the usual fantasy said the other side,
Nothing to get upset about, just enjoy the ride.
You look very like...
Well, someone I've seen before,
Perhaps loved before, I'm not quite sure,
There have been so many faces,
So many beginnings, so many more endings.

Saw you in the front room at the Ballroom,
That quieter talking and drinking room;
You were walking past the Face Exchange Device,
That 60's lights and glass thing for exchanging identity,
Soul and ego trading with a partner, just flick the dials.
You didn't see me, but I saw you and wanted you,
Traded faces with you alone.

Then it was like music playing in the the dance room,
You came towards me when I wanted to be dancing,
We danced. And then the next dance, and the one after that;
Until we had danced and talked and drank all night together,
All of a feather like only in some dream.
You showed me glory and fame and desire,
And that you were willing to work to fan their fires,
Storm of fire raging through my Wall of Detachment,
This carefully maintained fortress of hiding hurt,
Mural-painted by pain partition of mistakes and loneliness.

A fence but still vulnerable to flashes of loving light,
Visions of spiritual/e-motional bliss in your own happy castle,
Queen by your side, who cares for the world.
But come back to earth, brother, because, natch',
She's taken;
Thanks for the information, babe, thanks.
At least you didn't leave me hanging.

My Queen and I are united forever in Heaven,
My Queen and I are united forever in Heaven,
My Queen and I are united forever in Heaven,
But don't worry, we will be reunited.