La Vida es Juego

By Carlos Cardona


Again dancing, dancing, dancing around and around
Up and down and through, endlessly swerving,
Rolling, checking, grinding, sliding, bouncing,
Whipping, inside turning, grooving and kicking,
Day after day the dance of life it's one long song
One long dance it never ends or never seems to.

Sad, so sad after that last try, it felt like the last try
For love, but it was never really love, that takes two,
Tried to back up into love, love through the back door,
Through sex and not romance. Could have worked, didn't.
I cared for the one that was there, because she was there.
She couldn't do same.
Tired, so tired of it all, no more, please no more.

Who are you kidding? Al Green? "I'm so tired of being alone,
I'm so tired of on my own?" There you are, back at the dance,
Looking around again, checking out the cute ones,
Forget the pain, just get back on the horse!
"Crawling from the wreckage, into a brand new car!"
It's been months since it ended, just got around to
I don't want her back. Guess I'll be moving on.

Saw her, or rather, saw her body moving, Lindying,
Black tights and tight belly shirt, ouuuuch!
Hard to believe someone could look that good,
Look so beautiful, so young, such a fine dancer,
Could she really be interested in me, I'm older
And wiser, which should warn me against young girls.
Maybe I don't want to be wiser anymore,
That kind of wisdom hasn't helped me to find happiness,

Maybe I just want, one more time, to be with someone
So young and beautiful, and damn the consequences.
The old one wanted to "act her age."
This one matches my childlike attitude.
La vida es juego, y juego es el baile.