Just Ride, Little Bullet


By Carlos Cardona


Night bird flying on her chrome steel stallion,
Daytime warrior with the jet engine legs,
Will you work in your office,
Will you break out and fly,
Will you ever know why you push so inside?

Little-winged wild one, stoned in the night,
Can you rise like the Phoenix and fly on that bike?
When your Irish arises will you ride better still?
Will you ever slow down at the top of the hill?

I do much doubt it, Little Bullet in my heart,
You go too fast to slow for one who loves you,
Even for one who could keep up,
If you would but let him.

"She travels fastest who travels alone"
Doesn't work for us bikers,
We go faster in wolf packs,
Drafting with our bikes,
But drawing with our breaths.

Well, maybe I'm not young, or rich,
Or handsome enough for you,
But I have some small experience,
An occassional way with words,
And a hole in my heart for one such as you.

I wish you good luck Little Bullet,
Go out there and show them how to fly!
Ride like the wind of true love,
Of divine, neverending love,
Ride with the angels who are your equals,
Ride for peace and hope and understanding,
Ride symbolic of the spiritual seeker,
And then just ride.