Joyous Last Times

By Carlos Cardona


The rays of the sun leap from gleaming grills,
Down past shiny local bumpers,
Crusing through these auto-fields of steel
And bouncing their brilliant specters through my window.

But what was once a clear, solid beam,
Breaks like bad eyesight,
When the blinds (from Venice) robbed them of their second sight!
And broke them into Life's sliding, rec-tangled slabs,

This, though now broken, this fleeting sight,
This painful elusiveness of You entraps my soul,
Gliding it's tattered beam again across your loveliness
As across my heart I "go through the motions" once again,
Hoping these beginnings would find their "joyous last times,"
In the instant your pretty face first grazed my eye,
With the possibility of You.