Best Friend

By Carlos Cardona

For Marie Swinford

You always remember that first moment,
That instant when eyes meet,
Sometimes souls touch then too,
They did with you.

You were typing and turned to answer a question,
I was green at playing with lasers,
And was amazed when you turned, and smiled,
And helped. You were so pretty.

Cut to the first date, the first film,
The first cab-ride -- they all made contact,
Eyes, then hands, then lips, that's enough for one date!
It wasn't perfect, but it did seem like destiny.

"But we're so different," I kept hearing inside me,
Maybe she'll grow beyond her shell,
Her all-too-quiet inwardness,
Her beaten-into shyness. I could only hope for years,

And it got better, but then I realized that I was asking too much,
I was asking for a different person, and that was wrong,
Until hope had lost itself inside.

Cut to years later, when the true meaning
Of the thing reveals itself: we are soulmates!
We've been best friends since that ending,
That beginning where I hurt you,
So that I would not hurt myself a lot more later.

And our friendship will outlast romance and desire,
And fulfill that "other" desire for us both,
Queen of my friends:
...that my feelings are true/I really love you/,
You're my best friend."