Love With No Shadows

By Carlos Cardona


Great and mystical God of Love,
Forgotten archaic in our "civilization,"
God of romantics, poets of passion,
Ancient, effulgent, knowable, patient,
O, wait for me Eros, do not pass by!
I'm ever your champion, defender of dreams,
Guru of your giddy reality,
Priest of your Dionysian rites,
I am humbled by you, wizard, who can love with no shadows,
Transformer of pain into pleasure/forgiveness.

Yes, well we've all known that wrong Royal Road,
Many times have we led with only Libido to guide us,
Short and sweet or short and sour these loves have been,
And shorter still, too short for comfort,
Yes, failed have we all to see that writing and that wall,
Of love that would not stand the test,
The firm but fair test of Eros:
"Reasonable requirements for love to last."
We have tried to ignore this list, all of us at times,
Paying the piper later, the anger, the pain,
But do get therapy, there's nothing like it,
The cure's better than the illness. Just!

Still Eros waits,
Waits for readiness in heart, in mind, in job!
Waiting patiently, not for those who satify an urge,
Who "have sex" from "hormonal imperatives,"
Did you ever hear a whore moan?

No, Eros waits for souls to meet in their own sweet time,
For those who could be friends and long to worship together,
To love as food and drink and religion,
To love like bachanttes, mad with desire, but sane with fulfillment,
Or like the nuns and priests of courtly love,
And the troubadors that sang platonic songs,
A poem is a turning, a call to resolve,
The poet is saved from death by his poem.

Yet Eros waits,
Waiting for this latest passion,
She who seems so right but is so complex,
So sweet, so sad, so lonely and longing,
So honest in her struggle to know what I know,
To feel what I feel when I dream her and implode.

Yes, Eros waits, but not forever,
For there are others in the air,
Flying towards us with the promise of love (or just hot sex),
Help us Eros, to know when to wait, and when to let go.