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Welcome to a Quick Site of Pictures!

If you stumbled across this from a search engine then please take a look at  www.wodehouse.org.  If you got this URL from another Wodehouse Convention attendee then please enjoy.

This is a quick site I am pushing up for everyone to get a post convention fix.  Once Pongo, Jean, Jan and myself all return to our homes and catch up on our regular lives I will try to coordinate a location to hold all of the digital images from the convention.  Then you can go there and collect what you wish.  Between Pongo, Jean and myself we have over 1,000 images.

Technical Tip:  The formatting is a little strange.  On the picture slides you will see arrows on the right and left of the thumbnails.  Each time you click the arrow the line of slides will shift to the right or the left one picture.  You need to click the thumbnail to see the image in a larger format below the thumbnail previewer.

Technical Warning:  I have only tested this against Internet Explorer 5 running on Windows 95 and Windows 2000.  If you are using another brower I am sorry but I believe the aspect ratio of the Portrait pictures will be messed up.  Additionally the thumbnail viewer will probably not work.  I will try to fix this stuff later in the week.

For those of you with a real slow internet connection I will burn a couple of CD-ROMs with the images and we can pass them about through the post. 

For the time being please enjoy these.  I have left everyone's names off in the interest of privacy.  If you wish to have any pictures pulled please let me know.

William (Bill) Franklin

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