Arabis patens (spreading rock cress; G3S2) - this species occurs abundantly (many hundreds of individuals) on dolomite outcrops at several stations on Calmes Neck. Not currently considered a state-rare species because Virginia contains the majority of the world's populations. However, the species is somewhat globally rare, and this site is important to its global conservation. This is the largest known population in Virginia.

Cerastium arvense ssp. velutinum (field chickweed; G5T4S2?) - This native chickweed is a rhizomatous perennial with relatively large, showy flowers. Colonies with hundreds of plants occur on a flood-scoured dolomite outcrop and rocky riverbank. Rare and known primarily from riverside outcrops along the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers in Virginia.

Hasteola suaveolens (= Cacalia suaveolens; sweet-scented indian-plantain; G3G4S2) - a globally rare species which appears to be declining throughout its range. Two populations have been documented on frequently flooded boulder and cobble bars on Calmes Neck. One of these is the largest known population in Virginia.

Muhlenbergia cuspidata (plains muhly; G4S2) - about 20 clumps of this characteristic grass of midwestern river bluffs occur on a small riverside dolomite outcrop. This station is remarkably disjunct (by 175+ miles) from occurrences of Muhlenbergia cuspidata along the Roanoke and New Rivers in southwest Virginia, and is the only known population in the Potomac watershed. Except for historical collections in Northampton Co., Pennsylvania, this record represents the easternmost range limit.

Solidago rupestris (riverbank goldenrod; G4?S1) - two populations have been documented on river-fronting dolomite cliffs and outcrops. This goldenrod is uncommon globally and extremely rare in Virginia, where known only from rocks of the Potomac gorge west of Washington, D.C. and from one other Shenandoah River outcrop in Page County.


Baptisia australis var. australis (blue wild indigo; G5T4?S3) - an uncommon species in Virginia; associated with rocky riverside scour zones in the Piedmont and Ridge and Valley regions. Occurs on a riverside dolomite outcrop at Calmes Neck.

Erigenia bulbosa (harbinger-of-spring; G5S3) - an uncommon species in Virginia, where it is mostly confined to the Potomac drainage. Occurs commonly (hundreds of individuals) on rich forested slopes and floodplains.

Galium boreale (northern bedstraw; G5S3) - an uncommon species in Virginia; most frequent in the southwestern part of the state. A small population, occurring on a riverside dolomite outcrop at Calmes Neck, is one of only two populations known from northern Virginia.