The Dr. No "take no prisoners" 007 Jaguar
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build-up Pg. 3


 Beginning of the "grunt" work. All of the chrome is removed in preparation of fresh British Racing Green paint.  Hey, after all it is a Jaguar! Also removed the front coil springs, shocks, sway bar, brake lines, calipers & wheel bearing for inspection, lubrication and installation of new parts.


I've added an adjustable transmission modulator so we can adjust shift points.  Also solid engine & transmission mounts guarentee the motor stays where it should.

 Cooling things in endurance racing is what really matters if you want to have any chance of finishing an event.  Motor, transmission, and brakes get high priority when it comes to building our 007 Jaguar. We've added an engine oil cooler behind the left headlight and turn signal assemble.  Heavy screens keep rocks tossed by competitors off road excursions away from vital areas.

Lower grill now funtional.


build-up pg. 4


Inner fenders get a little working over to get rid of extended metal.  A nicely rolled fender well gives a little more room for tire clearance.  I've seen too many shaved sidewalls when this is not done.


Clean engine and compartment makes it easy to see the first signs of trouble due to something leaking.  Now it's really starting to come together!

Engine oil cooler behind left fender headlight.

  The transmission cooler gets it fresh air from behind the right inner headlight. Because we are going to a  "lift-off hood" arrangement, I was able to open up the phony lower grill assembly and make it functional. This gives us a lot of airflow to the cooler.  Again, heavy screens protect us from FOD (foreign object damage).

Trans cooler behind right high beam.