The Dr. No "take no prisoners" 007 Jaguar
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The Dr. No "take no prisoners" 007 Film Series

 Being involved with film making as a writer and director, I could not pass up a chance to have a little fun.  I decided to run a series of four Dr. No "episodes" to follow the 007 Jaguar build-up.  These will also appear on "youtube".  After the series as run a while, I will combine the set and enter it in Short Film Festivals across the States.  It also gives me an opportunity to pick up some sponsors along the way to help cover some of the costs.  In the meantime, you can see them here first as they are completed.

Click here to see Episode I of Dr. No & the "take no prisoners" 007 Jaguar

Click here to see Episode II

Close up and personal with the 007 Jaguar