The Dr. No "take no prisoners" 007 Jaguar
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 Good mechanical gauges are mandatory if you want to keep track of what is going on inside your motor.  I've gone with a big 5-inch tach and large readable gauges.  Being from the old school of hot-rodders, black face gauges are the only style that go into my cars.  I have also selected a Moroso switch and starter panel to get the electrical portion of this project wired.


 Running an automatic is not the best way to go.  Stock linkage makes it easy to drop into the wrong gear.  I would hate to go into reverse by accident at any speed! I'm using one of the B&M ratchet shifters I had laying around the garage.  Normally, these are used in drag racing but it really makes it easy just to bang it hard once to go up or down one gear. Good for down-shifting on the entrance into turns.  Now if only the transmission holds together.



     One of the biggest problems I have found with my other hot rod Jaguar is engine compartment heat really builds up.  I have always been a big fan of hood scoops as long as they were functional.  This 10 inch wide version of a Shelby hood scoop does the job nicely and really goes well with the original lines of the XJ6 hood.  I will be drilling 3-inch ventilation holes in the engine bay fender panels to help with circulation.

I will also be adding oil, transmission and power steering coolers.

Side mounted gas tanks are not the safest way to run a race. The Jag has one behind each quarter panel. They have been removed and an aluminum 14-gallon tank installed in the middle of the trunk where the spare tire was housed. The battery will also find a new home there along with a couple of the Dr. No “take no prisoners” 007 Jag’s top-secret “defense systems”.


 You just can't have a car with a 007-designation without a few "special features".  The "take no prisoners" Jaguar can take care of itself in times of conflict. Simple looking lighter box opens up to reveal controls for "self defense".



And of course, the hidden red button inside the gear selector knob.

Gee, I wonder what this little red button does?


 Nothing says "racecar" more than a well-made roll cage.  Of course the last thing any of us would like to do is test the integrity of one! I have been dealing with Johnny Franklin’s Mufflers for years. They also have a shop doing custom roll bars and cage systems.  Rob has done a few things for me and it has always been of the highest workmanship.  He's a racecar guy too and knows what is needed to make passing tech inspections a little easier on driver/owners like myself. When I saw the finished job on the 007 Jaguar, I became weak in the knees.  It was that beautiful.

Looks like something you would see in a NASCAR pit!


And I bet you thought that protective shields were only available on DB-4s

 I have a great piece of walnut wood I will be using for the dashboard thanks to my good friend Master craftsman Eric DeWitt.  I've set up a piece of scrap wood to help with the basic design layout before I start cutting up the good stuff.  I'll make a small design change later to accommodate the large 5-inch tach.

Mock-up with scrap wood.

Finished dash in walnut with brass bolts.

build-up Pg. 3