The Dr. No "take no prisoners" 007 Jaguar
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build-up pg. 4

 Getting down to the last four days before the race.  We had a delay receiving some front-end parts and were unable to get the car to the paint shop.  Looks like we will have to be inventive with our paint scheme.  Most of the car is finished and we are dealing with the  "little things".  Seems those  "little things" always keep you working late into the night.


Inside is complete with the ratchet shifter now covered,  wink mirror installed along with the racing seat, harness and outside mirror. I've added a passenger seat so one of our first-time drivers can attend a "driving class" the day prior to the Infineon Race. An instructor will ride along with him. We've replaced the early model solid front brake rotors with later vented units along with matching calipers.  New brake lines all around make me feel better than the previous 40 year-old ones.

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Trackside with the 007 Jaguar Team