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About Me


Who am I?


     The best way to describe me is that I have been a car-guy for as long as I can remember.  My Dad owned an auto wreckers in San Francisco during the mid 60's.  That's where I really got hooked.  He said I could have any car I wanted just as long as I could fix it. Working with tools helped me get into aircraft maintenance school when I joined the Army in 1965.  I spent 5 months learning to work on helicopters.  A year later, I sat in the open door of a Huey with an M-60 machine gun flying combat assaults over the jungles and rice paddies of Vietnam.  About two years after my discharge I started working for IBM.  The good pay let me continue with cars and I ended up with SCCA & IMSA Competition Racing licenses.  I built and raced my own cars for a few years.  I stayed with IBM for 10 years then went out on my own.  I have been building cars for myself for over 30 years. In 1968, I bought a new American Motors AMX.  I still have it and have been it's only owner. I ran it in A-Production in the early '70s.  In 2001 I rebuilt it to run in the Vintage Series.

     The last new car I bought was a 1974 Alfa Romero!

     I've written a couple of books, several stage plays and a few years ago became involved with filmmaking.  You can check me out on IMDB.

I ride a 2002 Kawasaki Vulcan, scuba dive and enjoy good tequila.
Tony Lazzarini
(AKA) Dr. No

More about my books and films here.


The mysterious Dr. No

This will take you to the first 90 seconds of my film "HIGHEST TRADITIONS" a 14 minute companion to my book of the same name. Book is a memoir of my 21 months in Vietnam as a helicopter door gunner durring the war.

Thanks to my sister Christine and her film company, Gypsy Moth Productions, I had a chance to direct part of the full lenght documentary, Arabian Silk-Horses of Endurance. Click here to read more about it and see some short film clips.

My 1968 AMX and me at a S.C.C.A. Vintage race in 2001 at Thunderhill.

Racing my '69 Camero at Sears Point many years ago..

The "not too mysterious" me.

The "Lab"