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   Sometimes it is hard for people to admit they may need help solving their problems. They may blame themselves which leads to more confusion. Making a call and taking the first step will usually bring relief that the change process has begun.  I love helping my clients gain the understanding and skills they need to continue their growth on their own after our work is done. 
Cynthia Hind  

 Cynthia Hind is a clinical social worker and psychotherapist with a private practice seeing individuals, couples and families affected by anxiety, depression and eating disorders. She particularly enjoys working with people on personal growth and relationship issues.

    “ People come to see me because they believe their lives can be made better but they don’t know how. They feel stuck. As we explore their problems and concerns together, they begin to gain a new perspective. They recognize personal strengths they had overlooked and identify skills that can be used to make new choices and take effective action. In a supportive environment where clear boundaries are maintained my clients can freely express difficult emotions, speak honestly and seek solutions to problems that stand in their way to more satisfying lives.”

     Having worked with eating disorders, Cynthia has developed a special interest in helping people who are struggling with bingeing and compulsive overeating and who are ready to address the underlying emotional issues that have them trapped in the diet/binge cycle. Her non-dieting approach is based on mindfulness and becoming attuned to one's body and is described on Beyond Binge Eating.

     With two Masters Degrees, one in Teaching from Columbia University and one in Social Work from University of Georgia, Cynthia practices as a clinical social worker licensed by the State of Georgia. In addition to a career in teaching she has 18 years of experience as a psychotherapist. She is a member of  the Georgia Society for Clinical Social Work and has worked at Ridgeview Institute in the Women's Center.
     Cynthia is on the preferred provider lists of major insurance companies, including Magellan, Value Options, Cigna, Aetna, BC/BS and United Behavioral Health. Please call me at 404-702-3602 and we will discuss your insurance and what is needed before you make your first appointment.


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