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Cajun Accordion

Builders List


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Welcome to my list of Cajun Accordion Builders. I began compiling this list when I began looking to buy a cajun box in 1996. I gathered the information from several sources and have noted them in the list. I have not tried to keep this information current and I have not attempted to call every listing and see if they are still in production or gather any details about their product, delivery time or pricing. If anyone wishes to send me updated information, I will include it to this page, with the exception of pricing information since I can't keep up with inflation in so many ways as it is.

I have seen many news postings from people interested in buying their first accordion who are trying to decide between a real handmade box vs a German or Chinese factory accordion. My vote is to try and buy the real thing if you can. I offer this suggestion if price is an issue starting out. I bought my first accordion USED from Shine Mouton (he built it and the owner asked him to resell it) by calling around to some dealers and asking if they have used ones (some people trade up or change keys). I have found this very fruitful a few times. So don't be shy, these guys like to talk about what they do and encourage people to play those boxes. On another occassion, Randy Falcon was very helpful to me when I was trying to locate a used "D" accordion. He told me what he thought several other builders had used and even made a few local calls for me. I ended up buying it new from Jude Moreau, however and am very pleased with it. So, try this out, buy hand-built if possible and your playing enjoyment will be exponentially increased.

Please help me keep this list current. Email updates or additions to kirk a.t cabezadura d.o.t c o m

Kirk walker

(* indicates builders I have personally talked to in the last few years)
($ indicates brands that I own)



List began -August, 1996 (Remember, that was the early days so this is kind of primitive)

This is a list of makers of Cajun Instruments compiled from various
sources as noted, including dates of sources.

****The following is exerpted from the Accordion.FAQ*****
**(This is a file on the Internet FAQ=Frequently Asked Questions.
I don't know the age of these references from this file.)**

The only kind of accordions that are actually manufactured in the USA
are Cajun style accordions. Here are some of these accordion builders:



*Moisey Baudoin ("Vermillion" brand accordions)
510 E. Putman
Erath, LA 70533
(318) 937-6454

***Contact info Updated Jan 2010**
John Elton Doucet ("Cajun" Accordions / "Doucet" Accordions)
2001 Richard School Road
Church Point, LA 70525
(337) 684-6495

Andrew Jagneaux ("Cajun Roots" brand accordions)
Rt. 3 Box 10B
Church Point, LA 70525
(318) 684-2672

No longer with us and a good man
Alvin Leger ("Leger" brand accordions)
7912 Lognion Rd.
Bell City, LA 70630
(318) 622-3492

* Junior Martin ("Martin" brand accordions)
2143 W. Willow St.
Scott, LA 70583
(318) 232-4001

Was Bon Tee Accordions and Back in the saddle
* Larry G. Miller and Jay Miller ("Bon Cajun" brand accordions)
886 McMillan
Iota, LA 70543
(337) 779-2456
(337) 779-3080 fax
Email: contains great article) 

Laten T. Miller ("Cajun Classic" brand accordions)
Lake Charles, LA 70605
(318) 478-4154

* Marc Savoy ("Acadian" brand accordions)
PO Box 941
Eunice, LA 70535
(318) 457-9563
(318) 546-6100 fax

*****End of accordion.faq ***********************************

*****Also from word of mouth and web searching .....**********

* Randy Falcon ("Falcon" brand accordion).
227 Norris Stuttes Rd.
Duson, LA 70529
(318) 981-3431

No longer with us
*$ Lawrence "Shine" Mouton ("Mouton" brand accordion)
Box 219
Crowley, LA 70526
(318) 783-2246

But carrying on his uncles trade ...
Mouton Accordions
C.O.: Greg Mouton
23466 Crowley-Eunice Hwy.
Crowley, LA 70526 USA
Toll Free 1-877-715-2768
USA: 337-783-2246 or
International: 011-1-337-783-2246
FAX USA: 337-783-1919 or
International: 011-1-337-783-1919
Email: moutonmusic at aol dot com
Greg also sells accordion parts for builders, microphones and accessories

*$ Jude Moreau ("Bon Temps" brand accordion)
I grew up with Jude and can attest to his fine character and accordion building (and playing) skills. I play one of his boxes in 'D'
4800 Grant
Groves, Texas 77619
(409) 963-0135

* Ed Poullard
Poullard Accordions.
Ed Poullard may be the only Creole player (and a mighty fine one) that I know building these amazing boxes.
951 Hillebrandt Road, Beaumont Texas, 77705.
409-656-3591 (cell), 409-835-7114 (home),

Found this on the web, Don't know anyone who has one.
Longhorn Accordions
C.J. Briscoe

* Tim Reed
bwbocktt at yahoo dot com
Tim Reed emailed me Dec 2009 that he is a Louisiana builder

* Ken Guillory
LaLouisianne Accordions
kenguillo at yahoo dot com
Lake Charles, La 70605
Ken Guillory emailed Dec 2009 that he has been building under the name LaLouisianne Accordions.
Over 15 years in the craft and Chris Miller of the Bayou Roots band in Lake Charles is a reference.
Ken emailed me 2016 to advise me of the changed status of Alvin Leger, Charlie Ortega and Laten Miller. Mr Miller got Ken stated some 26 years ago.

John Elton Doucet ("Cajun" Accordion / "Doucet" Accordion)
2001 Richard School Road
Church Point, LA 70525
jedoucet at earthlink dot net
This Info was updated via email Jan 2010. This builder has been around a long time and was referenced in the old Internet FAQ mentioned above. New contact info for you.

Craig Vincent

An active builder of "Vincent Accordions"

17065 Ardoin Cover Rd.

Welsh, La 70591


Craig emailed me June 2018 and updated me on Ervin LeJeune

He has some good videos of his instruments on his Facebook page

Most of these guys use #1 Handmade reeds, Sapo or Binci, (but ask) and various
exotic hardwoods, stained maple or the old traditional black
laquer style of boxes. Most of these prices do not include strap
or case but you can ask.

Savoy Music Center also sells cases, straps, and instructional
books and videos as well as CD's and cassettes.

***And more from some other sources. ***********

From the Cajun French Music Association of LA 1991 brochure

No longer with us
* Henry Thibodeaux (accordion)
Houston, TX limited production
(713) 422-3551 or (713) 328-6109

Espera Broussard (Handmade Fiddles "The Cajun Shadivori")
Lacassine, LA
(318) 588-4364

From Louisiana State Department of Culture brochure of 1988

No longer with us and a good man
Charlie Ortego ("Master" brand accordion)
Rt. 14, Box 1842
Lake Charles, LA 70605
Calcasieu Parish
(318) 477-2126

John H. Roger ("Cajun" accordion)
2517 Lawrence Dr
Meraux, LA 70075
St. Bernard Parish
(504) 279-7554

Savoy Music Center - see Marc Savoy above

Royne Fontenot (Cajun Violins)
1340 W. Oak Ave.
Eunice, LA 70535
St. Landry Parish
(318) 457-7440

Adner Ortego (Cajun Fiddles with Louisiana wood & Tee-fers)
Star Rt., Box 31
Washington, LA 70589
St. Landry Parish
(318) 826-3872

Marcel "Tex" Grimsley (Fiddles of curly maple and spruce)
2042 Murray St.
Shreveport, LA 71108
Caddo Parish
(318) 636-3813

Someone unknown to me said by email "I got one through Larry
Miller that was made by someone named Slim Bellard (sp?) for about
$750. It was the fifth one he had ever made and Larry did the
tuning on the reeds. As in all things, I would expect the price
has gone up slightly but you could try Larry and see."

Gabbanelli Accordions in Houston also carries an Italian made (by
one of their uncles I was told) cajun box - "King" brand that is
about in the Regal class or above. Approximately $750 to start.
They also do a MIDI retrofit for their cajun box (& others) with a
digital interface built onto the box.
Gabbanelli Accordions
4991 W. Bellfort
Houston, Tx 77035
(713) 728-9898
(713) 728-9393 fax

********and now for a Quebecois maker***********
Accorde'on Me'lodie
477 Boul. Tache' Est
Montmagny, Qc, Canada
Raynald Ouellet or Sylvain Ve'zina
(418) 248-9503 or (418) 248-6967

*** From Ann Savoy's book "Cajun Music: A Reflection of a
People" 1984 *****

Roy Bertrand
407 7th Street
Mamou, LA 70554
(318) 468-5520

According to an article in The Advocate, Leland has retired
$Leland Colligan ("Acadiana" brand accordion)
PO Box 451
Carencro, LA 70520
(318) 896-5204

No longer with us
Fred Cormier ("Magnolia" brand accordion)
305 Sylvia Street
Lafayette, LA 70506
(318) 234-4978

Elton Doucet *See list above

Randy Falcon *See list above

Harrison Fontenot ("Imperial" brand accordion)
Rt. 2, Box 151 C
Ville Platte, LA 70586
(318) 363-2412

Jason Frey
Rt. 7, Box 258
Eunice, LA 70535
(318) 457-9757

Paul Guidry ("Creole" brand acordion)
208 Bellhomme Drive
Lafayette, LA 70506
(318) 984-3145

John Hebert
604 Cedar Crest Court
Lafayette, LA 70502
(318) 235-2092

John Cliff Hebert
Rt. 2, Box 277 D
Maurice, LA 70555
(318) 984-3345

Mike LaFleur ("Professional" brand accordion)
Rt. 3, Box 418
Church Point, LA 70525
(318) 684-2096

Ray Landry
600 Parklane Rd
Lafayette, LA 70507
(318) 233-9690

I have been advised by Craig Vincent that we lost Ervin early 2018
Ervin LeJeune
Rt. 2, Box 701
Jennings, LA 70546
(318) 824-6667

Elgie Matthews, Jr.
P.O. Box 5
Stowell, TX 77665
(409) 296-9824

Larry G. Miller *See list above

Lawrence "Shine" Mouton *See list above

Charlie Ortego *See list above

Nolton Picard ("Eagle" brand accordion)
1901 West Ash
Eunice, LA 70535
(318) 457-3997

Elton Quibodeaux
Rt. 1, Box M40
Kaplan, LA 70548
(318) 643-2360

Russell Richard
906 1/2 Marshall Street
Rayne, LA 70578
(318) 334-4969

John H. Roger *See list above

Marc Savoy *See list above

Allen J. Smith
6822 Green Medow
Greenwell Springs, LA 70639
(504) 261-7121

Ernest Sylvester
1390 Lee Street
Opelousas, LA 70570
(318) 942-2093

Donald Thibodeaux ("Bayou" brand accordion)
851 North 2nd Street
Eunice, LA 70535
(318) 457-1725

Wallace Trahan
229 Southeastern Ave.
Crowley, LA 70526
(318) 783-6737

Erroll Verret ("Evangeline" brand accordion)
Rt. 5, Box 206
Breaux Bridge, LA 70517
(318) 228-2451

Check here for an another list that was compiled in 1988.

Check here for a short list from the Gumbo Pages


Check here for a list I found from August 18, 2007


Check here for a list I recently came across with lots of other good information.



Disclaimer: I do not represent any interest in any of these builders and cannot guarantee the validity of the information above. I will update if information is sent to me but cannot necessarily verify the information.

Last updated: 06/18/2016

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