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C-Lover's Haven
The C-Lover saga begins...

We found her on Lake Texoma She was waiting..
..in a slip on B-Dock at Cedar Mills Marina. Look closely and you can see her in the slip..

We bought her on Maureen's Birthday!
...which is St. Patrick's day. The "other gal" is hanging up in the back

Here she is...hung out to dry..
This was the day we had her surveyed.

Hauling is always a pain

She passed the survey with flying colors...or is it colors flying?
Little did we know what we were in for...yard bills..big ones..

She had the perfect layout, and 6'6" headroom..
throughout the boat. All the berths were 6'6" or longer! She was a perfect it!

Princess...whazzername? About to become....
C-Lover! Replaced all the plastic thru-hulls with stainless and bronze..awaiting the new graphic

Her hat says it all....The REAL Princess!
Shows you how much she loves the boat..

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