OCBG Current Members

(descriptions courtesy of CP and DaveO)


DaveO      Our Master of Gaming, “DaveO” has well over 1000 games in his collection although he's trying to pare back his collection as we speak.  Also, has a gaming strategy named after him known as the “O’Connor Advantage”.

                Least Favorite Gaming Activity: Babysitting Pizula


Chris P      He’s down with Faidutti and down on E & T.  He loves to Fist his DragonStones whenever possible.  “Zool” is known worldwide for his Ciao Ciao skills although no one has actually seen him win a game. Vaunted host of Pazzy’s Day O’ Games (P-DOG).  

                Longest Win Streak: 19 games of Cathedral, even though a newbie beat him 4 times straight and some guy stoned out of his mind took him for a couple games in the middle (go figure!)


Rick B       Known as "The Ricker, a veteran wargamer who converted to the world of german gaming. Still looking for anyone, anyone at all, to play Civ with him. Finally got the OCBG'ers to play Diplomacy though; unfortunately he got caught between his brother and JW....

                Most Used Facial Feature: Bottom Lip


Dave B      “Downtown” is the nicest guy you’ll ever come across at a gaming table.  Hates to be the bad guy in any game, and will reluctantly screw you over if he gets the chance.  Co-Host of the Brown Brouhaha of Games.

                Favorite Gaming Activity: Cigarette Break


Linda        Coming up from San Diego on a regular basis, Linda's been stung by the German gaming bug.  She's gung-ho on Puerto Rico and is always ready to learn a new game (even when she's got the flu).  Makes the best cookies and pies too, which the OCBG always appreciates.

                Favorite Game to Kibitz During: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (when she's playing!)


Lisa S        Chris P’s Sig Other, and Hard-Core-Gamer-By-Relationship, “Lisa Lisa” has a favorite game in “Trendy”, and her favorite line is “I still don’t get this…” as she handily kicks our asses.  Also, co-host of P-DOG, and always provides an amazing array of cheeses.

                Favorite Thing to Roll: Itchy the Cat  


Tim T.      TT is the object of many a "Damn that Tim Thomas!", yet never says a word back.  Often found splitting the atom at the table as he calculates the probabilities of yet another dice game.  Also known as The High Roller.

                Favorite Bits to Fondle: Cmon, it's gotta be the dice!


Steve       Rick's younger sibling - he smoked us in Liberte on the first go! He is now hooked, and will game when the kids will give him a day off!

                Favorite Alias: Dr. I


Jim          A natural gamer, he was an OCBG man just waiting to be exposed... now if we can just find the games that have bits that are colored uniquely enough for him.

                Favorite Rock Band: Mr. Serious (not to be confused with Mr. Big)


Matt         Matt takes time off from his writing to join us when he can.  We're proud to have converted him to the German games and the English beer.  He'll never pass up a game of One on One Hoops if there's a Newcastle with it.

                Favorite Song He Likes to Be Serenaded With: Daniel by Elton John


Helen       7-year old can play with the big boys!  Loves Royal Turf and Through the Desert!  Dad Rick is trying to get her to learn Civ.  

                Favorite Thing to Count: The hairs on top of DaveO's head (she only has to go to 20!)


Kim          Rick’s spouse who tolerates our invasion of her house as long as we listen to the show tunes.  Doesn't usually have the patience to learn a new meaty game, but when she does, watch out!....She'll kick everyone's ass!

                Favorite Thing to Ridicule: The Rickahhhhhhh..... (he's a f'in idiot, you know)


JW           When our favorite Hollywood director isn't busy behind the camera, he comes down and joins us for the special events like PDOG or O'CON.  Loves negotiation games so much that he has been known to actually turn chess into a negotiation game occasionally.  

                Person He Admires Most: Johnny Controlletti


Jon           Our weekend warrior gamer, and hardcore Crokinole player.  “Schultzie” likes the bits to be placed perfectly every time, your cards in order, and no funny business at the table.  Other than that, he’s great to game with!

                Favorite Card Partner: His Dad Carl


Marcia       “The Hostess with the Mostess”, describes herself as “not a gamer,” but an integral part of any gaming function.  Co-hostess of BBoG, the spouse of Downtown DB is an alma mater of Whittier High, and natural foe of La Serna high grad The Ricker! (webmaster's note: Whittier High always had an inferiority complex!!)

                Favorite Place to Game: Las Brisas