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Back from ConSimWorld Expo - saw SoCal gamers Patrick Havert, Steve Williams, Paul Marjoram, Steve Carey, and many others - a great time was had by all


Check out this on-line version of Take-It-Easy


Chris Pizula has written up his thoughts on this year's crop of games....your webmaster has added some thoughts of his  own....Check it out


The game, Tahuantinsuyu, got good reviews at the "Gathering" - here's the website


Added a few new links, including Chris Farrell's BLOG, and a couple of on-line stores. I've also deleted some dead links...and a new poll


There is a new on-line store, Gamefest.com, which has "Gone Cardboard" updates being posted by Rick Thornquist 



Here's a couple of links to on-line games (vs. computer) at the Ravensburger site. The Pueblo game is especially challenging - you have about two minutes to try and beat the computer opponent, placing 3 blocks

Spielboy has a new issue out

Reiner Knizia has a new free game available at his website called Decathlon - it's a dice game, and looks pretty cool

The Motley Fool ran a story today called "Playing the Game". Check it out - it's not often gaming gets the national spotlight! David Gardner, chief Fool, wrote an article some time ago about gaming. It is also worth a look...

Rick Thornquist and the Terminal City Gamers have added OCBG to their excellent site! 

If you're interested in pic's of the Sackson Auction, check out these by Matthew Gray, and these by Erik Arneson accompanied by an excellent article...

Carcassonne "Hunters and Gatherers" is now out by Rio Grande Games (yes, it is in English!). Check out either Game Surplus or Fairplay Games. Funagain also lists several recent Essen releases in stock.

Check out Postcards from Essen, from DaveO's friend Torsten Hintz.

Check out my list of Classic Choo-Choo Games on the Geek.

Check out this interview with Reiner Knizia, broadcast a few weeks ago on NPR. The interviewers are none other then The Motley Fool brothers!


Check out the SoCal Games Day site for updates on this great SoCal event, occuring roughly every two months. Games Day XV is Saturday, May 15!

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