Gaming Links

Info/Review Sites - In Order of my Personal Interest in them!
Board Game Geek Boardgamegeek THE game database
A very funny site, with a little something extra...
ConsimWorld This site has a message board for every gaming subject you can think of.
Spielfrieks Sometimes more "Friek" than "Spiel", this is the main Yahoo group dedicated to the "Games"
Brett & Board An excellent site detailing upcoming releases, especially German.
Bruno Faidutti's Games Agree or disagree with his opinions, this Pizula favorite designer writes an entertaining review The older group back to the early '90s. Look here for discussion topics on older games
A monthly web-letter by Greg Aleknevicus (try saying that name five times..). 
Spotlight On Games! A pretty amazing collection of reviews and data on games, accumulated by Rick Heli.
The Game Report A quarterly newsletter, with the web-zine lagging one or two issues behind...this one is by Peter Sarrett
Board Games Erik Arneson runs this site for I changed my mind about this's actually pretty good.
Larry Levy, a regular Spielfriek and contributor to the Games Journal, has put together an interesting site - although not updated.
[Gamebox Headline]
An old site, now being regularly updated after a long hiatus.
Web-Grognards Everything you ever wanted to know about Wargames, but were afraid to ask!
Chris Farrell's BLOG Chris, a former gaming buddy of DaveO in the Bay Area, is opinionated but I find myself agreeing with more often than not.
A newer site where games can be played on-line (so it's not just a clever name!). Also has good up-to-date news
Board Game Stuff Some interesting content, and Matthew Gray has a nice gamelog and a pretty good game store search engine for those out of town jaunts.
Welcome to Mostly a site dedicated to CCG's, but there are some news nuggets to be mined here...
The Game Cabinet Before the Geek, this was the source for English translations of German game rules
Collectible Board Games Oddity site dedicated to antique games

On-Line Stores (in order of my totally subjective rating of them)
NewSpiel - This store is by far the most improved on the list. 2 day delivery, great prices, and they stock the newest games (English versions only - sorry) right when they come out.
Boulder Games - If these guys were on the west coast (they're in Georgia), they would be #1. Always seems to get games before anyone else, and the best pricees are here. Watch the shipping - I still think Newspiel is the best overall value because of proximity to us SoCal residents. 
Funagain - Absolutely mind-boggling inventory of imports (almost as good as DaveO, and he ain't selling!)...and the service is improving.
Game Surplus - Decent Service, spotty inventory, great prices. Be prepared to wait 10 days if you use the cheapest delivery option.
Gamefest - This relatively new store has some hard to get games, and the prices on the normal fare are pretty good. I placed one order, and got great service and quick delivery (They are in Seattle). This is also the new home of Rick Thornquist's (Terminal City Gamers) excellent news updates.
Boards and Bits - These guys are also in Seattle. Site looks great, and they seem to be well stocked with the latest, but they are still an untried commodity for me. A decent selection of imports here also.
Fairplay Games - Probably the best of the rest. Excellent selection of imports.
Games Unlimited - I've gotten my games in 3 days, but the selection of German games is pretty thin.
Homer Games - Excellent source for wargames. They were the only ones in the U.S. I could find with Phalanx' A House Divided and Waterloo.
German Games - Don't let the Canadian dollars fool you - the prices are not that bad in US$. Lots of imports.
Jogo Canada - Ordered Trans America 5/15, received 5/23. Not bad for coming from Canada...and they were the only ones in North America I could find that had the game at that time.
Bunker Hill Games - Another great source for wargames - cheaper then Homer...
Noble Knight Games - A source for both new and used games, specializing in out of print games - both german and wargames
LeValet - Another Canadian game company...this one seems to have the best stock. Prices are great, deliveries are two weeks. I found Knizia's Palmyra here for $20.
Fine Games - The web site is a jumbled mess - basically a big database/ With a little work, however, you can find most anything you want
RC Hobbies and Games
RPG Shop - You might be surprised...
Sundown Games - "Ships in 4 days"? Give me a break. - Retail prices

On-Line Game Sites

Java Settlers - The best Settlers on-line.
More Java Games - This time RA, E & T, and Medici. These allow Net Play - you cannot play the computer. You will have to install Java Web Start, if you haven't already
For Whom The Web Rocks - Games include Euphrat & Tigris, Carcassonne, Puerto Rico, Samurai, Through the Desert, Acquire, RA, and Torres
Paris Paris - A pretty cool new on-line version of the Michael Schacht game.
Klear Games - check out this page for an excellent version of Knizia's Samurai...with more board game ports to come..
Through the Desert - You will need to register, but it might be worth it!
Colossus - Here's an on-line version of the Avalon Hill game Titan
Geo's Thoth Games - Play many two-player games here, including Lost Cities, Samurai, Kahuna, and many others. The graphics look great, and there are more games coming!
Jimmy's Thoth Page - This one has Thoth modules for Street Soccer, Formula De, En Garde.
Society of Internet Strategy Gamers - A site devoted to PBEM games
Java Medici - Unfortunately, this link no longer works
Games On Board - Kahuna works great here, Modern Art seems to. Tigris and Euphrates is dead (unfortunately).
Cyberboard - A site listing all available cyberboard modules (for PBEM wargames)
Taj Mahal - It's working...and it is INCREDIBLE! This is a must check out...
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Club Sites
Socalgamers - This is a group started by Patrick Havert and Steve Williams, and has grown into a regular monthly meeting at All-Star Games in Diamond Bar. It began as a wargaming group, but now anything and everything is played.
SoCal Games Day - Sponsors of a roughly bi-monthly all-day gaming session in Montrose, CA, or lately in the Valley.
Terminal City Gamers - These guys are based in Vancouver, BC. The site is excellent, with great session reports, links, and even interviews!
Westbank Gamers - If you can stomach Greg Schloesser, you will get a heaping helping here! In all fairness, the site is excellent for a club site.
Westside Spielers - DaveO's former SoCal does not get updated very often (and DaveO has been taken off of the list!). Fellow wargamer and frequent PBEM opponent Paul Majoram hangs out here.
San Fernando Valley Game Group - Another local SoCal group. They tend toward the lighter side
Dan Becker - Excellent reviews here
Got Dice - These guys are in Chicago
Houston Gamers - Guess where?
TNGers - This group claims Jay Tummelson of Rio Grande Games
The Goblin's Lair - This one is in Italy! This is an excellent club site, with bio's, game reviews, ratings of gaming links (including OCBG!).