GAMES DAY XII (aka the Montrosity)

May 3, 2003

As always, it was an entertaining day, as much for the games as for the "show".  It's always a great time, however, the O' and I could never seem to get in sync with the rest as far as getting in on new games - I'd guess we had about two hours of down time... We did manage to get in a few games.


We found Mr. Pinball himself, Greg Petit, and his friend Michael, and Greg was up for teaching us Amun-Re - really this is the game both DaveO and I came to play. Well, we were not disappointed - it is excellent! Not your usual straight forward but clever Knizia design, this one is pretty convoluted (a compliment in this case), and it took a while to grasp the relative values of each territory and item. Somehow (trust me, I have no idea how) I managed to take the win, over taking Michael on the last scoring by beating DaveO on the money count.

Europa Tour

DaveO, Alex (the man with long gray hair, who happens to be younger than me!), and I played three quick games of this latter day version of Rack-O. It also happens to be very fun...maps always grab me anyway. Each game is about 15 minutes, and it doesn't seem to get old for me.

Kentucky Derby Interlude

I did watch the Derby with some crusty Montrose locals at the bar across the street.......


I have always wanted to give this one a go, and when the Westside Spielers call you to the table, what can you do but say Yes. Jason, Paul and DaveO were the other three took Jason about two turns before the knife was firmly implanted in my back! The game got to phase 2 in fairly quick order, but seemed to stick there forever as many of the better power plants had already come up and it took quite some time to clear some of the lesser ones off the board. Once Phase 3 hit, the game was over in a few minutes, with Jason making a run for 20 cities, and achieving it. DaveO, Paul, and I all tied for second with 19 - all in all a very tight game, and one which I will gladly play again.

New England

The Westsiders deserted the party, so we tracked down Roderick and a new Greg for some New England. This was the second game for me, and I really like it a lot. It's very simple to teach, has an excellent turn order selection mechanic (kind of an auction, I guess), and a lot of great decisions (two tiles/development cards per turn is just NOT enough). A big lesson learned in this game, and one which I'm sure most others already know - the development card distribution is not equal! My cows had a long wait for the 10 card.....10's only exist in the brown tiles. Next time, we will know better...still, I did manage to eek out a win with 33, Rod and DaveO had 32, Greg 30

Fette Autos

Being the old man, I got the pole position and only relinquished it around one turn to Aaron, then promptly took it back. In no particular order, Alex, Aaron, DaveO, Lefty, and Ryan the Werewolf Magnet Man were the other participants. I'd rate this about a '5' - a bit longish with 6 players. I like Formula Motor Racing better.....I'm willing to give it a second chance, however

Thanks again to the GD organizers - Games Day is a great event