DATE:       Wednesday, September 25

PLACE:     Rick's

Attendees: DaveO, Tim, Rick, Matt, Steve


This was to be a night for two games OCBG have wanted to see on the table for a long time: El Caballero and Liberte


Liberte was to be first, but the younger Byrens announced his intention to show up so the gang decided to wait for him to get there before re-enacting the French Revolution - the game is better with 5.


So, it was the first four learning El Caballero. This "Son of El Grande", while seemingly simple, is a mind bender - even playing the basic version as we did. The first scoring round was a DaveO runaway. The second was extremely close as the rest of us started to get the end, DaveO's lead was too much to overcome. This is definitely a game of screw your neighbor, with the player going last seemingly having the advantage in the scoring rounds of getting the last screw in!


DaveO 62

Matt 52

Rick 50

Tim 50


Steve (alias "Dr. I") showed, and we broke Liberte out again. This is another game with simple mechanics, but a lot of choices. I found it very difficult (as did all, I think)  to figure the strategy out initially. There are four turns/scoring rounds - Tim took an early lead by backing the winning moderate party. Tim and Rick again drew away in the second round by dominating the Blues, with DaveO picking up some points in the opposition Red party. Steve had 0 points at this juncture, with Matt not too far ahead of that. Rick, Tim and DaveO commenced beating up on each other in the third and fourth turns, with Matt and Steve going at it at a much gentler pace...amazingly, Steve came from way back to win - and it wasn't even close! DaveO had two genereals axed in the final round to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!


Steve 17

DaveO 12

Tim 11

Rick 11

Matt 10


All agreed that these two games needed to be played again, and soon....before we forget everything we learned!