DATE:   Monday, September 2

PLACE: House of Byrens - Devil Dog II

Attendees:        Jon, DTDB, DaveO, Rick, Helen


A "mini-Devil DOG" was the theme of the day on Labor Day 2002. First up was the semi-light game Halunken und Spelunken. This is a card driven game where ship's captain's recruit crew of dubious distintion. The crew are rated at different values, and the captains (you) play cards numbered 1 thru 7 to move around the board to different houses recruiting them. Schultzie made a late run to run away with the victory


Jon - 119

DaveO - 82

Rick - 79

Helen - 77


Downtown showed up with Schlotzsky's, as Schultz, DaveO and I were into Seafarers of Catan. I had never played this, and still don't seem to get the whole Settler's strategy (6 and 8 are good, right?) Schultz romped


Jon - 12

DaveO - 7

Rick - 7


DT joined in, and Stephenson's Rocket was next. Jon and David had never played this vintage Knizia game, IMO his best - why doesn't this game get more pub? In any case, the Shreveport connection caught on quickly, and isolated Rick's main line - it was the difference, as Schultz took the win in his maiden voyage down the tracks. O'Connor continued his M.O. of messing with others early, and taking himself out!


Jon - 63

Rick - 60

Downtown - 50

DaveO - 37


The day closed out with Serenissima, a game with a mind-boggling array of pieces (and I didn't even have to watch DT, who's game it was, break out the hundreds of bits off the sprue). The game was long, but enjoyable - despite my confusion at the number of bits, I somehow pulled out the victory, and kept Schultz from a clean sweep of the day! We used the variable ending.


Rick - 39

DaveO - 33

DTDB - 29

Jon - 27