DATE:       Thursday, September 19

PLACE:     Rick's

Attendees: DTDB, DaveO, Tim, Rick, Helen, Kim


New OCBG man Tim Thomas made the trek from south county for a night of gaming, along with Downtown David Brown and the Gamemaster. 


The night started off with Euphrat and Tigris, a game Tim had only read about! He caught on fast, building monuments like they were going out of style. DaveO lost a couple of big conflicts, D. Brown laid low, but in the end Rick took down Tim in the mother of all external conflicts to take the game on the last turn.  I believe it was:


Rick 6

Tim 5

DaveO 3

DTDB 1 (!!)


Helen was promised one game, and she chose Carcasonne (given she is the reigning Carcasonne Queen). It was not to be this night for her, as her Dad drew too many cloisters. We used the "play and draw a tile for next turn" variant, which I did believe sped the game along. Oh, and we played the Expansion, per usual.


Medina came next, a game only DaveO had played before. This game turned out to be an excellent building game, with each participant trying to out-wait the others. The game end was a perfect example of this, as Rick capped the last palace and snagged the 4 point watchtower at the same time from was the difference.


Rick 39

Tim 32

DaveO 31

DaveB 30


Dave Brown took off to rest up for his hectic work schedule, and Kim was coaxed into joining in a game of Samurai. This game went along very evenly, with no one an obvious winner. Tim ended up on the short end of all three idols, with Kim, DaveO and Rick splitting the others. DaveO took the win with 5 "others" to Rick and Kim's 3.


Last came Clash of the Gladiators, a Reiner game I have had for a while but had yet to play. I noticed at Game Day 9 that each game of this (three, I think) was having an absolute blast with it. I can now see why - the game is fun! No, it is not high strategy...sometimes it's fun to just go out and kill things! Perhaps the same thrill I used to get from playing Doom...I don't know. Nobody cared who won, but here are the results:


Rick 20

DaveO 17

Kim 15

Tim 13