OCBG Session Report – August 25, 2002

There: DaveO, Lisa, Pazzy, Tim T, Sarah T

Where: Pazzy’s & Lisa’s



Strange Days for OCBG, indeed.  Our schedules are all out of sorts lately.  I’m working on a top-secret Bell project which requires me to work whacked hours, which means no more weeknight gaming for me.  Rix been on Vacay for a couple of weeks, DTDB has been too busy to meet up, and Lisa is starting school again.  DaveO has been getting hammered by work, and Sarah Bearah is living la vida LA.  So it’s been next to impossible to game…we managed to make some time on Sunday for some gaming. 


DaveO had been in contact via e-mail with Tim T, a local gamer with whom we hadn’t hooked up with yet.  Tim and his wife, Sarah T, were able to join us as well.


Tim had been wanting to give El Grande a try for the longest time, and no need to twist our arms.  El Grande is just a great game. Period.   Tim was a quick learner and quickly shot into the lead, where he stayed pretty much the entire game.  Valiant attempts were made to cut into his points, but came up short. 

Way short! Tim put up 100 points in his first game of El Grande.  Damn impressive!  But still a well-played game by everybody.


TIM                        100

LISA                       81

CHRIS                    79

DAVEO                  69

SARAH T              59


Tim and Sarah had to take off, which left the three of us to try some 3-player games out.  Lisa had never played RA, so we went to it.  She liked it a lot, and I’m always kind of lukewarm to it.  DaveO took the Tuts.


DAVE                     33

PAZ                        24

LISA                       20


The game Industrial Waste was one of our favorites there for awhile, then the Rix played and downed it, so it never really came back to town after that. The game theme itself is really pretty unique  Players run a factory, and use an individual  play board (a la Princes of Florence). Three tracks show what is required and output when a contract is completed by that factory. The whole object is to get the factory running as efficiently as possible, requiring fewer employees and raw materials to complete a contract, while producing less waste when completed. Each round consists of a player selecting a- hand of three action cards each turn and playing them out. These cards allow you to complete jobs, recycle waste, etc…

This is a solid game, no doubt about it…I think Rick was suck on noxious fumes before playing this one, because it definitely will be played again…DaveO: Toxic Avenger.


DAVE                     65

LISA                       49

PAZZY                  41


Finally! An opportunity to play a Settlers of Catan expansion.  Die Seefahfer Erwiet (Seafarers) was played and yes: the hype is damn well deserved.  I’ve only played Settlers maybe four times previous, and like it more and more each time I play.  Even GM DaveO had only played this once before. This is a great expansion, and almost feels like playing an entirely new game. The added dynamic with the islands and ships help keep the game more balanced even until the very end. The snap together board is a definite plus, and includes several  variations, all of which look fantastic. The option of building ships instead of roads gives you more opportunities than you might imagine, and makes the battle for longest road entirely different.  . While lumber is equally important, brick is not needed as badly, and wool finally becomes a useful resource.  Seafarers provides an vast array of options.  The only downside: after playing the ‘Farers, I don’t think we can go back to original Settlers.  There’s just too much going on the Sea…I’ve been a loyal Catanian lately, winning yet another Settlers…but it was a very closely contested game, and came down to the last few moves.


PAZ                        13

LISA                       9

DAVEO                  8


Last game of the evening was Crazy Race.  Didn’t know what to make of this one, as it looked like a homemade job.            Players race three Creatures on a track from a start/finish line, up to a pole, and back. Players use bidding cards to bid for up to three movement actions per turn.

Creatures move forward but can jump other creatures in their way, so by proper bidding you can position yourself for some very efficient moves. Each set of creatures moves in their own lane, so you have some control over how to set up your creatures to maximize the limited movement points.

Bidding cards you’ve used are put into a discard pile, and you are allowed to draw this pile back into your hand exactly once in the game. This can be at any time.  The races are closer than they appear, and you can’t focus on one particular creature, because your others may finish last and be penalized.  A cool light game that we’d definitely play again at some point…good finisher. 


PAZ                        14

DAVE                     10

LISA                       8


Tonight proves that even with only 3, gaming is still a hell of a lot of fun.  Looking forward to gaming with Tim T again at some point…shout out to DTDB: we missed ya Hoss.  Night.