Devil Dog


Where:      Rick’s

Who:         Ricker, DaveO, Chris, LisaLisa, Jon Schultz, David Brown, Helen

When:       Saturday 8/17 - 11:00 AM - 2:00 AM Sunday!



An abbreviated sesh report here, as I don't have the exact results - resultsmaster CP has them! Early birds DaveO and Pazz showed up around 11:00, and the marathon commenced.


First up was the original Eurogame: Settlers of Catan. I had never played this one before, and got a harsh lesson from the GaMeMaster and Resultsmaster. CP took the win in a very close 10-9 victory, with Rick bringing up the rear with 6. I can see the attraction in the game - it is simple and fun, but with enough decisions to keep the hard core interested. I look forward to my next game...


We followed this one up with a card game I believe is called Flaschenteufel or "Bottle Imp". This is a trick taking game with a strange twist - whoever ends up with the bottle scores negative, getting no credit for the points in the tricks taken. DaveO smoked Chris and Rick with a huge last hand. I like the game, as I like most trick taking games, but I think this one would be better with more players.


Helen joined in for a game of Zapp Zerapp. Chris showed his affinity for B-B's and ran away with it.


Jon and DTDB finally showed up around 3:00 PM. We broke out Puerto Rico and set it up for 5 out on the deck. While the winds of Yorba Linda attempted to blow the game away, Rick snuck a slew of Sugar on to the decks on the last round and grabbed a late Big Building to win going away. I had 58, and I believe Chris was next with 51.


After PR, Helen joined the crew for a quick game of Royal Turf. Jon snuck in for the win over Rick, but the amazing note from this game was that DaveO ended the game with no money!


Lisa arrived, and after scarfing down some of Kim's famous Carnitas, the gang setup Megellan for six players - an eleventh hour request for Bohnanza by CP was quashed by the rest of the group. This game was extremely close, with Rick eeking out a 2 point victory over DaveO.


Chris and Lisa hit the wall around 9:30, and the final four grabbed DaveO's La Citta. After roughly 1/2 hour of rules, we jumped into this city builder. I have to say the learning curve was long, with most of us taking at least one round to catch on to what was going on. In the end (and after almost 4 hours!!), DaveO built his fourth city on the last turn to barely squeek by Rick 34-33. I believe DT had 25, Jon 22. All liked the game, although I must say that it is one of the ugliest boards in the business!


WOW - 15 hours of gaming. Thanks to all for making the trek