OCBG Game Night – 8/13


Where:      Pazzy’s

Who:         Ricker, DaveO, LisaLisa, El Sideswiper

When:       6:00-11:30



Tonight we were four, as the Downtown train was running on empty, and couldn’t make it.  But again we managed to play some excellent games, with an excellent time.


It’s been a damn busy time lately for the OCBG clan, and it’s almost miraculous we get to the table at least once a week, and even the first annual DevilDog at Rix on Saturday.  Games.  Who woulda thought they could occupy so much time and space???


With a rather nice selection of games on hand to choose from, DaveO shouted out that he wanted to give Condottiere a go, and we snapped to it.

I’ve given Condottiere an earlier description (see June 8 sesh report) so no need to waste keystrokes here.  Rick and I played a two-player version, and was rather impressed with it but felt it needed a few more, like the four we had tonight.  The cards again made an impression on me, as they remind me of my tarot-reading phase, which lasted all of one month.  I gave one reading and even then I kind of bullshitted my way through it (“Oh, yeah, this double-sword card is good, it means…uh…good luck!”)  You get a lot for a little game in this one.  I jumped out to an early lead by capturing two territories, and Rick closed in soon thereafter.  DaveO was sneaking around in the North and managed to get Venezia and Torino.  Going into the last hand, as he and I were the only two left holding cards, I gift wrapped the damn win for him by not playing my high card first, as he threw down the key and snatched victory.  The table groaned, and I was subjected to harsh criticism about my move, and I stand by it (but not too close).  


DaveO             3-in-a-row (Venezia, Milano, Torino)

Chris               2

Rix                   2

Lisa                  1


Another game I’ve reviewed previously, Filthy Rich, was brought to the wood.  This is a pretty unique game, that is easily fixed by applying a few variants found out on the Geek.  We used one (get taxed only once per turn) and didn’t use the other (shuffle the Asset cards and draw them randomly) and the latter would’ve been better.  Rick jumped his ass out to an early lead, capturing a jacknut full-o-cash, and basically could be buying assets at will.  Attempts to deplete his cash flow were somewhat effective, but he ended up selling his signs, and getting enough cash for his last asset and the V.  It ended way too soon, so next time, all the variants come into play.


Rix       16, 19, 7

Dave    0

Lisa      6

Paz       0


We continued our trend of playing a trick-taking card game at least once an evening, and DaveO pulled from his hat the game Hattrick.  I’ve heard some nice buzz about this one and I’m a sucka for trix taking so yeah, let’s do it.  This is a very cool trick taking game. There are only three suits of cards, numbered from 1 to 20. During a trick, there may be two colors in play and you may play to either of these colors. The object is to win as many cards in the one color as possible, as your score is the number of cards you've taking in one color minus the number in the other two colors. Sounds simple enough right?? Well, it’s a hell of a lot of fun, and we’re pretty hooked on it quick.  In fact, Al’s dropped off our sandwiches during the game and we had to finish this one out.  I’ll play this one again, anywhere, anytime, anyplace.  I jumped out to a big lead and managed to stay there for once.  You can, ahem, tip your hat to me…


El Sideswiper  26

Rixxer             23

Daveeno         21

Lisa                  16  


Next up and in, Modern Art by your favorite and mine, Reiner Baby.  I love to slip into character in this one, playing some art snob, deciding what’s good and what’s shit and shoveling it down the throats of the trendy.   Buying and selling paintings is the premise of this game. Five different artists have produced a bunch of paintings, (cristin p my personal fave) and it's the player's task to be both the buyer and the seller, hopefully making a profit in both roles. He does this by putting a painting from his hand up for auction each turn. He gets the money if some other player buys it, but must pay the bank if he buys it for himself. After each round, paintings are valued by the number of paintings of that type that were sold. The broker with the most cash after four rounds is the winner.  There are 5 different auction mechanisms, which I won’t go into here but there are ingenious to the nth degree.  This is another one of those “not a gamer till you’ve played…” games.  It’s just brilliant, and one of Reiner’s truly shining moments.  It’s still tough on some newbies (hell, even me at times) to figure out if your bid will make a profit, but DaveO did a great job of announcing the possible values of the paintings, which helped a lot.  He also gave an excellent piece of strategy (only after he walloped our asses) which I will use next time. 


DaveO         594

Rixy             512

Chris           348

Lisa              260


It was bedtime for Pazzy, as these five o clock early morning wakeups got his ass dragging more than Anna Nicole Smith’s, so he went to bed with a bit of heckling from the group, while the die-hards finished it up with a little Reiner Zirkus Flohcati.  I’ve given this one a description somewhere, and it’s a great little finisher for the evening, and wish I coulda been dere.  Rick came out the biggest clown of the Zirkus.  Any surprise???


Rick                 98

DaveO            79

Lisa                  64



Yah baby. Nice gaming sesh tonight yet again.  Got the Devil Dog (we’ll explain the name eventually) on Saturday, and the OCBG will be crewing it up….Schultzie, DTDB and the rest.

Should be a long ass day, with much played, cards layed, a refrigerator to raid, and some folks to be getting’ paid….uh yeah whatever end this already paz z-ya.