OCBG Game Night

July 9, 2002


There:  The Ricker, Pazzy, Downtown DB, Lisa Lisa, Sarafina, DaveO, and Mattius Rey


Game Night is growing in size as of late, and tonight was the first night we actually had to split into two tables for gaming sessions.  The night started off auspiciously, as there was some miscommunication between DaveO and Sarah regarding the actual entrance to Coronado at Newport.  Downtown showed up and joined Sarah outside the apartment gates, and Sarahís beauty and charm got the gate opened by a reluctant neighbor.  


Soon enough, DaveO and Mattius arrived, followed shortly by Lisa who had been at the gym, and finally The Ricker.  The Rickmeister took the lead and immediately began setting up Euphrates and Tigris, and grabbing Sarah and Downtown to join him.  The nerve!  My dislike for this game is near legendary, but some claim it to be the best of the best.  One day I promise to give it another shot, I swear.


Rick                        6

Dave B                   5

Sarah                      4


It all worked out though, as Dave had brought Traumfabrik, one I have really wanted to play. Itís a great auction game by Reiner Knizia, themed on 1940s Hollywood.  Players are studio moguls, trying to hire the best actors, directors, camera men, and so on to complete their movies. The theme matches perfectly, and  features real movies, actors and directors - a real who's who of Hollywood. This game blew me away.  Not just because of my love for all that is Hollywood, but the game plays great!  It was pretty easy to pick up, but was filled with strategy and tough decisions.  This is by far the best Auction game Iíve ever played, and I highly recommend it.  Most of all, itís FUN.  I especially like the Hollywood Party spaces, where you can have an A-list party, or a party of nobodies and wannabes.  Very Hollywood, indeed.  The game was pretty even throughout, although Lisa picked up some hangers-on she didnít need, and was in the running for worst picture (actually worth +10 at the end of the game). DaveO managed to capture that honor, as he took home several awards and won.


DaveO                    84

Matt                       74

Lisa                         72

Chris                       70


We werenít done with Traumfabrik as of yet, so Table 1 started up a game of Samurai, making it an Triple Crown for Knizia early in the evening.  Rick ruled medieval JapanÖ


Rick                        Rice Patties, Buddhas

Sarah                      High Hats

Dave B                  


After both games wrapped up, we decided on pizzas from Alís and learned valuable lesson we all shanít soon forget.  First off, Citadels is played best with 5 players, period!!  We played with 7 players and although there were some highlights (Rick getting assassinated or stolen from almost every round was one) the game pretty much dragged and wiped out any gaming momentum we might have had going in.  I love Citadels, but Iíll never play with more than 5 ever again.  That is one of the new OCBG golden rules.  Rick made a courageous comeback at the end, but to no avail.  DaveOs town was too tough.  Oh, the second lesson was to never order from Alís if there is a major sporting event on TV.


DaveO                    29

Rick                        28

Dave B                   26

Lisa                         24

Matt                       22

Sarah                      22

Chris                       22


Citadels proved too much for many to bear, and sparked a burnout.  DaveO, Sarah, and Matty left, so the rest of us picked up the pieces and finished the evening with another Knizia and Lisaís favorite, Trendy.  We needed something light and quick so it fit the bill.  We played a full year of fashion, and going into Spring DaveB and Rick were the two warring factions of the fashion world.  But Rickís Fall line proved too much for Downtown, and he took the modeling runways by storm. 


                 Summer       Winter        Spring        Fall          Total

Rick               34               50              84           38            169         

Downtown      32               50              82           18            148

Lisa                32               38              35           28            133

Chris              25               28              53           18            124


The night ended with me still not getting my gaming fill, but Games Day 8 is just around the corner, so Iíll get what I wish for soon enough.  Thanks all for coming out! It was fun as always.