Session Report for Wednesday 7/3/02

Place: Sarah's and DaveO's

Attendees: DaveO, Sarah, Rick

This was a night for Rick to learn new games. After a round of golf and crawling over Ortega Hwy, I staggered in (and no Old Spice towelettes were available...)

First up was Africa, a game Chris and I had learned at our first and last "Games U". At the time, we hated the game. It must have been the third player we had that day, because this time around I rather liked the game. Not the deepest Knizia game out there, but it plays quickly and is fun. Dave used a collection of native shirts to take the win. Yes, DaveO, I will play again!

Next came HellRail (the german version, who's name escapes me). It's basically a card game where you lay track and deliver goods. I'm a softie for choo-choo games, so I kind of liked it. DaveO used the O'Connor advantage to run away with it. He obviously is the master at "humping the deck"!

DaveO 45

Rick 36

Sarah 27

Web of Power was up next, a game which Dave and Sarah had played several times and was an old favorite. It's a "bit-laying" game where you try to gain majorities in countries, and form chains of cloisters for points. Cards determine where you can lay your wood. Rick fed off of his love of empire building and eeked out a one point margin over DaveO, with Sarah close behind.


The night closed with a game of Vom Kap Bis Kairo (from Cape to Cairo), a card game of building a railroad in Africa (thus rounding out the trains/Africa theme! - no, there was no way to squeeze a Pope into the mix). It's basically an auction game, and there is some luck as to which cards come up at a given time. DaveO won on the last turn, using his hoarded money to get him across the last "territory". This game didn't grab me, but it wasn't horrible either.


A great night, and well worth the drive over Kilimanjaro.