Session Report for Tuesday 7/2/02

Place: Rick's House

Attendees: DaveO, David Brown, Chris Lisa, Rick Kim, Helen

The night began upon arrival of DTDB, and a game of Royal Turf (one of Helen's favorite games). We cut the game short at two rounds, as the rest of the gang was starting to arrive. D. Brown took the game on the last move, sending Nougat in for 3rd over Helen's Red Fox. Final Tally:

DTDB 1200

Helen 1100

Rick 1050


DaveO arrived and with Kim playing her first OCBG event, we launched into Carcassonne. This is a game where it is sometimes difficult to see who is winning, due to the farmer count at the end.  When the sod-busters had been counted, it was the seven year-old Helen that took the game by 1 point over a shocked DaveO, despite repeated attempts by Brown and O'Connor to knock over her pyramid of meeples! 


Helen 94

DaveO 93

Rick 85


Kim 44


Chrid and Lisa showed up, Helen and Kim bowed out. The game on the table is a brand new import from Dirk Henn called Wallenstein. The game is set in 16th century Holy Roman Empire. Players with 7 provinces, then make choices during each season whether to add armies, attack, get grain, gold, build etc. - lots of decisions! The game has some learning curve, but in essence the game is not's the myriad of options that make the game interesting. The game basically boils down to two 3 season years (Winter is basically a scoring round), so at the end it feels like the game has been cut short. One interesting feature involves the use of a converted dice tower to resolve battles - the players battling place all of their armies (~1/4"wooden cubes) into the tower, then whoever has the majority of armies that come out wins. Cubes which stick in the tower stay there, to re-appear in a future battle (to DaveO's chagrin, he has 7 armies left in the tower at the end of the game!). One complaint I have is the lack of a scoring track, otherwise the game is excellent. Chris avoided too much conflict to take the win.


Chris 53

Rick 51

Lisa 42

DaveO 34



Around 11:30 we decided to squeeze in one last game. David Brown bowed out, Kim re-joined for a game of Citadels. Lisa and Kim had not played before, and Lisa spent the whole game claiming she didn't know what she was doing. In typical Lisa fashion, she lulled everyone into a false sense of confidence and won the game going away!


Lisa 28

Rick 21

CP 20

Kim 18

DaveO 14