Session Report for Wednesday 7/18/02

Place: Rick's

Attendees: DaveO, Rick, Matt, Chris, Kim, Helen

At Helen's insistence, we started off the night with a playing of Harry Potter: Mystery at Hogwarts. Dave, Rick, Matt, Chris and Helen were in. This game is only available in the UK at last check, and the game play is essentially the same as Clue. Still, for a "licensed" game, it actually isn't bad. Rick figured out the puzzle, after failed attempts by Dave and Matt

Alles im Eimer (the "bucket" game) was next. The same five as above were in, although only one round was played - Dave smoking us all. He got his revenge on Helen for the debacle at Carcassonne!

Magellan hit the table for the first time at OCBG. DaveO did an excellent job on the rules, but Rick suffered supreme brain lock and the game was aborted after one round when Rick passed on all auctions after he had used four ships, not understanding that the ships on the board advance if you win auctions in the next rounds. We gave it another go later, with Kim, Dave, Chris, Matt...and yes, Rick was allowed to play. The game is pure auction as advertised, but offers some interesting choices. DaveO was allowed to basically get a monopoly on the explorations of James Cook, and rode Cookie's huge victory points to the win. Final Score Dave 50, Rick 33, Kim 32, Matt 24, Chris 16.

In between Magellan attempts, the same five that ended the night enjoyed a game of Traumfabrik, Reiner Knizia's excellent auction game of 1940's movies. That product of the Sony movie machine, Chris Pizula, took the win in a close one over DaveO - Chris' quality outweighing DaveO's B-movie machine in the end. I believe the score was CP 69, DaveO 67, with the rest of us far back.