Session Report for Wednesday 7/17/02

Place: Sarah's and DaveO's

Attendees: DaveO, Sarah, Rick

Another in a series of mid-week squeeze-in's, with DaveO serving up the Pina Colada's, Rick forming the tricycle.

First on the list was Stephenson's Rocket, a game I have not played since the very first night I met up with the other founders of OCBG. Unfortunately for DaveO, this round ended much the same as the first with a victory for Rick. Sarah took second in a tight finish (the exact scores escape me...), with the SR master DaveO bringing up the rear.

DaveO trotted out Hallelujah! for the first time, a game of angels and devils. It's an abstract game, with a couple of bizarre mechanisms, one involving a square tile numbered 1 to 4 which allows  you to position your angels/devils for attack on a grid. Rick took the win, but was less then impressed with the game, as was DaveO. Sarah actually liked the game, to Dave's disbelief!

Next was what has become a weekly game of Euphrat and Tigris. This one was extremely close, but Dave closed late to take the win. I believe the scores were Dave 9/9/10/23, Sarah 9/9/9/9, Rick 8/9/9/13

The last game was High Society, a hard to find Knizia game. Sarah had to suck it up to play this, as it is one of her all-time least favorites! She proved her distaste of the game to be valid, as she spent all of her $$ and was disqualified from possible victory. DaveO beat Rick 18-17 among the qualifiers.