OCBG Game Night 

June 4, 2002 Session Report


Dave O’Connor

Matthew Wellik

Downtown David Brown

Lisa Sorida

Chris Pizula


Tonight’s Game Night was a reunion of sorts, as well as a celebration of the freedom to game.  Matt, whom was one of the core gamers before OCBG was even a gleam in anyone’s eye, returned to the gaming table after a 3-month hiatus, working on music and muses.  Needless to say, it was great to see him, and we’re glad he’s back in full effect.

Lisa graduated from Cal State Fullerton on Sunday, which means no more late nights of studying and stress, which means she can once again kick my sorry ass in gaming once again.  Congratulations, Lisa.  We’re all proud of you!

DT showed up quite a bit early with his usual smoothie, and I had just gotten home from work so there was a little prep I had to do and it wasn’t soon thereafter that Dave and Matt made the scene.






Lisa was on her way back from Trader Joe’s so we decided upon a very light, quick “appetizer de jour”.  I had scored Trick R Treat at the Wizzie’s fire sale for 4.00 so I wanted to check it out.  The game comes with a lot of pumpkin dice, a sand timer, and cards.  The object is to match the pumpkin 3 attributes (stem direction, eye/mouth color, smile/frown) from those on the dice with your card.  When you match, take the die, place it on the card and give it to the person on your left or right.  When the timer runs out, you get pieces of candy equivalent to the number of cards you got rid of. 

It’s a fun game, but I think works best for a kid’s game or a group of drunken Halloween revelers (oh yes, such an occasion will show itself eventually I’m sure).  Lisa observed that the game looked stressful, and yes, it is.  We all had a bit of trouble with this one, but I the most.  Matt breezed to victory…


Matt       9              6/10

DaveO    6              6/10

DTDB     3              5/10

Pazzy      1              7/10






Next up was Filthy Rich, which a few of us noticed was being played at the last Games Day.  Another one I scored cheap at Wizzie’s, I wanted to play this one as well. Filthy Rich is a card game that is played with a binder and 4 pages of card protector pages. Players create business billboards in the form of cards that get placed in the pages. If the number rolled on the business dice corresponds to your billboard you get paid. Asset and Action cards add some additional bluff element to the game.  The game started slowly at first, as the concept is so original and unique that it’s tough to grasp at first.  We also used the variant where taxes are only inflicted once per turn, and strangely enough, we only got nailed on taxes once the entire game!!

I really like this game.  It’s colorful, promotes table talk, and is highly interactive.  Dave O went with the strategy to go for the cheap luxury cards early, and a lucky asset card had two luxuries in his hand after the third round, although one wasn’t paid for.  I managed to grab some additional cash and made something happen, but too little too late.  DaveO sold his businesses and won.


DaveO    3 (13, 6, 8)              7/10

Paz          2 (19, 16)                8/10        

Matt       1 (22)                      7/10

DTDB     1 (25)                      7/10        

Lisa         1 (7)                        7/10







After the lengthy Filthy Rich, it was coming up on the 9pm hour and Dave selected Kampf der Gladiatoren, a Reiner Knizia game he just got in. Players form teams of Gladiators: Swordsmen, Spearmen, Net-throwers, Shield-Carriers, and Trident-Carriers. Each has different effects on the combats. Players get points for kills. Wild Animals are thrown in to keep things interesting.  You keep playing until only one player is left standing.   I missed a bit of the instructions as I wandered around the apartment, and I never really got the gist of this one.  It’s a dicefest, and really didn’t strike me as a Knizia game.  The pieces are cool, the art is cool, the board is cool, and I like the aspect of coming back as an animal once your gladiators are killed, but something seemed to be lacking.  I’d definitely play again, as your initial placement plays a very big role throughout the game.  Lisa was Queen of the Gladiators the entire game, as she pounded the rest of us into submission. 


Lisa         20            7/10

Matt       15            7/10

DaveO    13            7/10

DTDB     10            7/10

Paz          9              6/10


And that was it.  It never ceases to amaze me the diversity of games we play each time we get together.  We can attribute that to DaveO quite a bit, but we all manage to bring some new stuff to the table once in a while.  Next stop looks like JWs place next week for Junta.  It’s a 4-5 hour game, so I may be bringing my book…..Paz Out.